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AJ001-672 2021-2022 Technology Fee - ALL Options Please retain your receipt until the end of the school year! Attach copy of online receipt to the computer paperwork required to obtain student's Macbook. 0010b00002HJOWhAAP:Lake Norman High FIXED Parker,Jill N/A NA NA $0.00
AJ001-660 AP Studio Art Fee 2021-22 2021-22 AP Studio Art Fee - $30 Taught by Tiffany Fox Grades 11-12 0010b00002HJOWhAAP:Lake Norman High FIXED Fox,Tiffany N/A NA 7/13/2021 $30.00
AJ001-591 Ceramics Fee 2021-22 2021-22 Ceramic Classes Taught by Chelsea Ranno Grades 10-12 0010b00002HJOWhAAP:Lake Norman High FIXED Ranno,Chelsea All NA 7/13/2021 $30.00
AJ001-VAR1 Laptop REPAIR Fee Only - NOT Chargers or Ext Cords Repair fee(s) for a damaged laptop. PLEASE include the invoice # provided to you by ISS Tech Dept. for tracking purposes. This is NOT for damaged chargers or bricks....LAPTOPS only. 0010b00002HJOWhAAP:Lake Norman High VARIABLE Smith,Bethany N/A NA NA $0.00
AJ001-678 MacBook CHARGERS Brick/Cord-All Options Choose this option if paying for a damaged charging brick and/or charging cords 0010b00002HJOWhAAP:Lake Norman High FIXED Smith,Bethany N/A NA 7/27/2021 $0.00
AJ001-VAR5 OLD Miscellaneous Fees This pmt opt is only for OLD fees - Anything PRIOR to 21-22 school year: i.e. OLD FEES - OLD Cafe, Textbook, Parking Fines, Calculator, Library Fines/Fees, Technology Fees (prior to 21-22) 0010b00002HJOWhAAP:Lake Norman High VARIABLE Janos,Susan N/A NA 7/27/2021 $0.00
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