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What do I do if I forgot my password/username?

A new password will be forwarded to your email address after you correctly answer the security question set up when you established your profile under the Sign In menu.  If you forgot your username, you will need to log in as a new user and establish a new username and password.

 Do I have to set up a username and password each year?

The user name and password is valid for multiple years.  It is valid even if your child changes to another school.  You are encouraged to write your username and password in a secure location.

How will the online purchase be listed on my credit card statement?

Purchases will be listed on the credit cards statements as:     OSP - CHESTERFIELD SCHOOL DISTRICT 

How do I request a refund?

To request a refund, please contact the school’s bookkeeper.

Is my credit card information stored on the web site?

Online School Payment (OSP) only stores a transaction ID which references the transaction over the credit card processing network.

Will I be able to review my purchases prior to checkout?

Yes.  The final step with any purchase using Online School Payment is a review page showing the activity, price, and student assigned to the activity.  You have the option to go back and edit before the final submission.

Will I be able to view a history of my online payments?

Online School Payments (OSP) provides the users the ability to view reports listing past purchases.  After signing in, go to the Your Account tab and View Details. 

I have more than one child in the school system.  Will I be able to view multiple children online when making a payment?

Yes. You will be able to view all children setup in your profile as there are no restrictions in adding different students to the different activities selected for purchase.

How does the school know I paid for my child’s activity online?

An email receipt is sent notifying the bookkeeper of all payments received online.

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