New Kent High School

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Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
Athletic Participation Fee  New Kent High School BR008-236 BR008-236 Athletic Participation Fee Athletic Participation Fee Spiak,John N/A NA 3/11/2016 $30.00
Behind the Wheel  New Kent High School BR008-124 BR008-124 Behind the Wheel Behind the wheel portion of drivers ed Nicole,O'Bier N/A NA 8/1/2015 $140.00
Chromebook  New Kent High School BR008-295 BR008-295 Chromebook Chromebook Ritter,Patti All NA 8/30/2017 $40.00
Chromebook charger  New Kent High School BR008-204 BR008-204 Chromebook charger Lost, damaged or stolen Chromebook AC Adapter Ritter,Patti N/A NA 11/10/2015 $25.00
Chromebook, accidental damage  New Kent High School BR008-278 BR008-278 Chromebook, accidental damage Chromebook, accidental damage Ritter,Patti All NA 1/3/2017 $25.00
Drama, apparel  New Kent High School BR008-VAR5 BR008-VAR5 Drama, apparel Apparel for drama and plays NA NA NA NA $0.00
Early College Scholar  New Kent High School BR008-VAR4 BR008-VAR4 Early College Scholar Early College Scholar dual enrollment. NA NA NA NA $0.00
Gym Short only  New Kent High School BR008-179 BR008-179 Gym Short only Gym Short only Ritter,Patti N/A NA 8/25/2015 $7.50
Gym Suit (Dri Fit)  New Kent High School BR008-246 BR008-246 Gym Suit (Dri Fit) Gym Suit - new Dri Fit material Ritter,Patti All NA 8/3/2016 $17.00
International Thespian conference  New Kent High School BR008-329 BR008-329 International Thespian conference International Thespian conference KESLING-COUNCILL,VICTORIA All NA 12/15/2017 $50.00
Kings Dominion field trip  New Kent High School BR008-340 BR008-340 Kings Dominion field trip Kings Dominion math field trip Ritter,Patti All NA 4/19/2018 $35.50
Parking Fee  New Kent High School BR008-125 BR008-125 Parking Fee Student parking fee for 2017-18 Todd,Alveza N/A NA 8/1/2015 $25.00
Summer School  New Kent High School BR008-VAR7 BR008-VAR7 Summer School School School NA NA NA NA $0.00
Transcript fee  New Kent High School BR008-265 BR008-265 Transcript fee transcript fee LEWIS,NORMA All NA 9/1/2016 $3.00
TV Media Replacement Items  New Kent High School BR008-VAR6 BR008-VAR6 TV Media Replacement Items Replacement cost for TV Media NA NA NA NA $0.00
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