Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
Accounting 2-Booher, Jonathan EE073-280 EE073-280 Accounting 1 & 2-Booher, Jonathan Class fees for Accounting 1 & 2. Booher,Jonathan All NA 7/16/2019 $10.00
Agriculture-Holman, Bonnie EE073-284 EE073-284 Agriculture-Holman, Bonnie Class fees for all AG classes with Ms. Holman Holman,Bonnie All NA 7/25/2019 $15.00
Agriculture-McDonald, Benny EE073-283 EE073-283 Agriculture-McDonald, Benny Class fees for all AG classes with Mr. McDonald. McDonald,Benny All NA 7/16/2019 $15.00
Agriscience-Farris, Matt EE073-562 EE073-562 Agriscience-Farris, Matt Class fees for Agriscience with Mr. Farris Farris,Matt All NA 7/16/2019 $15.00
Algebra 1-Booher, Brittany EE073-171 EE073-171 Algebra 1A & 1B-Booher, Brittany Class fee for Algebra 1 Booher,Brittany All NA 7/16/2019 $3.00
Algebra 1-Harrington, Audrey EE073-422 EE073-422 Algebra 1A & 1B-Harrington, Audrey Class fee for Algebra 1A & 1B. Harrington,Audrey All NA 7/16/2019 $3.00
Algebra 1B-Lawrence, Eric EE073-266 EE073-266 Algebra 1A & 1B-Lawrence, Eric Class fees for Algebra 1A & 1B. Lawrence,Eric All NA 7/16/2019 $3.00
Algebra 1B-Macdonald EE073-144 EE073-144 Algebra 1A & 1B-Macdonald Class Fee for Algebra 1A & 1B Macdonald,Kristen All NA 7/16/2019 $3.00
Algebra 1A & 1B-Melvin, Carol EE073-471 EE073-471 Algebra 1A & 1B-Melvin, Carol Class fees for Algebra 1A & 1B. MELVIN,CAROL All NA 7/22/2019 $3.00
Algebra 1A & 1B-Michela, Megan EE073-482 EE073-482 Algebra 1A & 1B-Michela, Megan Class fees for Megan Michela Michela,Megan All NA 7/25/2019 $3.00
Algebra 2A & 2B-Melder, Deede EE073-473 EE073-473 Algebra 2A & 2B-Melder, Deede Class fees for Algebra 2A & 2B. Melder,Deede All NA 7/22/2019 $3.00
Algebra 2A & 2B-Quick, Jennifer EE073-476 EE073-476 Algebra 2A & 2B-Quick, Jennifer Class fees for Algebra 2A & 2B. Quick,Jennifer All NA 7/22/2019 $3.00
Algebra 2-Nash EE073-261 EE073-261 Algebra 2-Nash Class fees for Algebra 2. Nash,Patrick All NA 7/16/2019 $3.00
Algebra 2-Otten EE073-151 EE073-151 Algebra 2-Otten Algebra 2 class fees. Otten,Sarah All NA 7/16/2019 $3.00
AP Biology-Boswell EE073-141 EE073-141 AP Biology-Boswell Class Fee for AP Biology Boswell,Marybeth All NA 1/1/2020 $20.00
AP Chemistry-Boswell EE073-142 EE073-142 AP Chemistry-Boswell Class Fee for AP Chemistry Boswell,Marybeth All NA 1/1/2020 $20.00
AP English 3-Roshon EE073-566 EE073-566 AP English 3-Roshon Class fees for AP English 3 Roshon,Amanda All NA 7/16/2019 $10.00
AP English 3-Smith EE073-459 EE073-459 AP English 3-Smith Class fees for AP English 3 Smith,Greg All NA 1/1/2020 $10.00
AP English IV-Harris EE073-326 EE073-326 AP English 4-Harris Class Fees for AP English 4 Harris,Lanita All NA 1/1/2020 $10.00
AP Environmental Science-Kotowski EE073-117 EE073-117 AP Environmental Science-Meehan, Kimberly Fund lab materials. Meehan,Kimberly All NA 1/1/2020 $10.00
AP Human Geography-Weeks EE073-309 EE073-309 AP Human Geography-Weeks Class fees for AP US Human Geography. Weeks,Courtney All NA 7/23/2018 $10.00
AP Microeconomics-Hensley EE073-156 EE073-156 AP Macroeconomics-Hensley Class Fees for AP Macroeconomics. Hensley,Erin All NA 7/16/2019 $10.00
AP Music Theory Auralia Subscription Fee-Jernigan, S EE073-282 EE073-282 AP Music Theory Auralia Subscription Fee-Jernigan, S AP Music Theory Auralia Ear Training Software for Ms. Jernigan's class. Jernigan,Stacey All NA 1/1/2020 $29.00
AP Physics-Esslinger EE073-319 EE073-319 AP Physics 1 & 2-Esslinger Class fees for AP Physics 1 & 2 Esslinger,Kelly All NA 7/16/2019 $20.00
AP Statistics-Swafford EE073-460 EE073-460 AP Statistics-Swafford Class fees for AP Statistics Swafford,Cheryl All NA 7/16/2019 $10.00
AP Studio Art-Grooms EE073-339 EE073-339 AP Studio Art-Grooms Class fees for Pre-AP Art and AP Studio Art Grooms,April All NA 1/1/2019 $25.00
AP US History-Shackelford, Sierra EE073-462 EE073-462 AP US History-Shackelford, Sierra Class fees for AP US History Shackelford,Sierra All NA 7/16/2019 $10.00
AP World History-Wild EE073-466 EE073-466 AP World History-Wild Class fee for AP World History Wild,Daniel All NA 1/1/2020 $10.00
AP-Calculus-Polk EE073-148 EE073-148 AP-Calculus-Polk Class Fee Polk,Marcie All NA 7/16/2019 $10.00
Applied Math-Mcleod EE073-124 EE073-124 Applied Math-Mcleod Class Fees for Applied Math Mcleod,Glenna All NA 7/16/2019 $3.00
Art 1, 2, & 3-Grooms EE073-159 EE073-159 Art 1, 2, 3 & 4-Grooms Class fees for Art 1, 2, 3 & 4. Grooms,April All NA 7/16/2019 $20.00
Astonomy-Kotowski EE073-427 EE073-427 Astonomy-Meehan, Kimberly Class fees for Astronomy Meehan,Kimberly All NA 1/1/2020 $5.00
Audio/Visual/Production Class-Duncan EE073-112 EE073-112 Audio/Visual/Production Class-Duncan Audio/Visual/Production Class Duncan,Deana All NA 7/16/2019 $15.00
Biology-Atwood, Kim EE073-480 EE073-480 Biology-Atwood, Kim Class fees for Biology. Atwood,Kim All NA 7/25/2019 $10.00
Biology 1-Hawke EE073-321 EE073-321 Biology-Hawke Class fees for Biology. Hawke,Allison All NA 7/16/2019 $10.00
Biology-Sarago, Hannah EE073-475 EE073-475 Biology-Sarago, Hannah Class fees for Biology and Honors Biology Sarago,Hannah All NA 7/22/2019 $10.00
Biology-Tedeschi, Joseph EE073-478 EE073-478 Biology-Tedeschi, Joseph Class Fees for Biology and Honors Biology. Tedeschi,Joseph All NA 7/22/2019 $10.00
Business Management-Booher, Jonathan EE073-279 EE073-279 Business Management-Booher, Jonathan Class fees for Business Management. Booher,Jonathan All NA 7/16/2019 $10.00
Business Practicum-Allen EE073-452 EE073-452 Business Practicum-Allen Class fees for Intro Business Practicum. Allen,Jennifer All NA 1/1/2020 $15.00
Honors Chemistry-Ball EE073-409 EE073-409 Chemistry 1-Ball Class fees for Chemistry 1. Ball,Nicole All NA 7/16/2019 $10.00
Chemistry-Lewis, Richard EE073-248 EE073-248 Chemistry 1-Lewis, Richard Class fees for Chemistry 1 Lewis,Richard All NA 7/16/2019 $10.00
Clinical Internship-Vaught EE073-451 EE073-451 Clinical Internship-Vaught Class fees for Clinical Internship. Vaught,Sherry All NA 1/1/2020 $15.00
Coding-Gose EE073-103 EE073-103 Coding 1 & 2-Gose Class fees for Coding 1 & 2. Gose,Tammy All NA 7/16/2019 $15.00
Coding 1-Jones, Ryan EE073-574 EE073-574 Coding 1-Jones, Ryan Class fees for Coding 1. Jones,Ryan All NA 7/25/2019 $3.00
Culinary 1-Kramer EE073-237 EE073-237 Culinary 1-Kramer Class fee for Culinary 1 Kramer,John All NA 7/16/2019 $15.00
Culinary 1/2-Roning EE073-102 EE073-102 Culinary 1-Roning Culinary 1 Roning,Nicole All NA 7/16/2019 $15.00
Culinary (1, 2)-Jernigan EE073-118 EE073-118 Culinary 2 & 3-Jernigan Class fee for Culinary 2 and 3. Jernigan,Jeremy All NA 7/16/2019 $15.00
Culinary 3/4-Roning EE073-101 EE073-101 Culinary 3/4-Roning Culinary 3/4 Roning,Nicole All NA 7/16/2019 $15.00
Dance Class (1, 2, 3, 4)-Belsante EE073-115 EE073-115 Dance Class (1, 2, 3, 4)-Belsante Dance Class Belsante,Nicole All NA 7/16/2019 $10.00
Dance Class-Sarago EE073-425 EE073-425 Dance Class-Lee Class fee for Dance Lee,Hannah All NA 1/2/2019 $10.00
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