Nolensville High School

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Activity No. Activity Name Teacher / Sponsor Grade Level Course / Class Activity Date Price
CW066-44 Art Class Fees-Wilson Wilson,Anne All NA 8/1/2016 $50.00
class fee
CW066-19 Athletic Fee Hester,Will All athletic fee 8/1/2016 $100.00
Athletic Fee
CW066-13 Athletic Pass - STUDENTS Hester,Will All NA 8/1/2016 $75.00
AP - Students
CW066-14 Athletic Pass ADULTS Hester,Will All Athletic Pass Adults 8/1/2016 $100.00
Athletic Pass - Adults
CW066-47 Band - Marching - Fees - Easley Easley,Benjamin All NA 8/1/2016 $200.00
marching band
CW066-33 Band Fee -(not marching) Easley Easley,Benjamin All NA 8/1/2016 $85.00
Fees for band
CW066-17 Bass class fees-TV Broadcasting Bass,Brian All TV Broadcasting 8/1/2016 $25.00
TV Broadcasting
CW066-36 Bettelon Class Fees Bettelon,Robert All NA 8/1/2016 $3.00
CW066-31 Burrow Class Fees English Honors BURROW,JOHN All English honors 8/1/2016 $30.00
class fees
CW066-54 Burrow English Standard BURROW,JOHN All English standard 9/1/2016 $20.00
English Standard
CW066-48 Chorus Class Fee - Easley Easley,Benjamin All NA 8/1/2016 $25.00
music sheets, etc
CW066-24 Crawford Class Fees-English Honors Crawford,Shelby All English honors 8/1/2016 $30.00
English honors
CW066-23 Crawford Class Fees-English Standard Crawford,Shelby All NA 8/1/2016 $20.00
English standard
CW066-56 Credit Recovery Carter,Mary Kay All Credit Recovery 9/23/2016 $50.00
Credit Recovery
CW066-11 Donna Smith Class Fees SMITH,DONNA All Marketing 8/1/2016 $10.00
CW066-38 Drama Class Fee Andersen,Brittany All NA 8/1/2016 $20.00
CW066-29 Ewing Class English Honors EWING,JOY All class fee 8/1/2016 $30.00
Class fee
CW066-16 Ewing Class Fees-Standard EWING,JOY All NA 8/1/2016 $20.00
Standard English Fees
CW066-6 Farkas Bio Class Fees-Honors/Standard FARKAS,ZACHARY All Biology honors 8/1/2016 $25.00
CW066-41 French 1 Class Fees-Uebel UEBEL,SAMANTHA All NA 8/1/2016 $10.00
class fee
CW066-42 French II Class Fees-Uebel UEBEL,SAMANTHA All NA 8/1/2016 $15.00
class fee
CW066-52 German Class Fees Dawson,Emily All German Class 8/1/2016 $20.00
CW066-15 Glenn Class Fees-Medical/Health Science Glenn,Amy All NA 8/1/2016 $25.00
Health Science Medical Therapeutics
CW066-37 Koblitz Algebra II Koblitz,Brooke All NA 8/1/2016 $3.00
Math class fee
CW066-3 Koblitz Class Fees-Geometry Koblitz,Brooke All Geometry 8/1/2016 $10.00
CW066-2 Koblitz Class Pre-Cal Koblitz,Brooke All 20.00 8/1/2016 $20.00
CW066-5 Ladd Class Fees Biology Honors/Standard Chris,Ladd All Biology 8/1/2016 $25.00
CW066-9 Lawrence Class Fees-Spanish II & III LAWRENCE,CASEY All Spanish I & II 8/1/2016 $5.00
Foreign Language
CW066-10 Lawrence Class Fees-Spanish II&III Honors LAWRENCE,CASEY All Spanish II & III Honors 8/1/2016 $10.00
Foreign Language
CW066-45 Life Wellness Class Fee-Derrick Derrick,Paul All NA 8/1/2016 $20.00
CW066-8 Madole Class Fees MADOLE,CRAIG All Strings 8/1/2016 $50.00
CW066-46 Miller Spanish Fees Miller,Emily All NA 8/1/2016 $5.00
class fees
CW066-40 Parking Permit DERRICK,AMANDA All NA 8/1/2016 $10.00
Parking permit fee
CW066-1 Peck Class Fees-Algebra/Algebra honors PECK,JOSH All Algebra/Algebra honors 8/1/2016 $3.00
CW066-55 Play production fee Andersen,Brittany All Play production 9/13/2016 $200.00
play production fee
CW066-4 Sarmiento Class Fees - Geom Standard & Honors SARMIENTO,ASHLEY All Geometry 8/1/2016 $10.00
CW066-7 Sower Class Fees Sower,Jennifer All Chemistry 8/1/2016 $30.00
CW066-49 Spanish Honors -Miller Miller,Emily All NA 8/1/2016 $10.00
class fee
CW066-20 Student Council Kristin,Thomas All student council 8/1/2016 $20.00
CW066-51 Transcript Fee Dunn,Misty All not class 8/10/2016 $2.00
Fees for transcripts to be sent
CW066-22 Walling Class Fees-English Honors WALLING,TOM All English honors 8/1/2016 $30.00
English honors
CW066-21 Walling Class Fees-English Standard WALLING,TOM All NA 8/1/2016 $20.00
CW066-12 Weatherford Class Fees Weatherford,Lyndsey All Culinary Arts I 8/1/2016 $50.00
Culinary class fees