Cove Creek Elementary

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6th and 7th Grade School Fees CX316-7 CX316-7 6th and 7th Grade School Fees $8.00 for all 6th and 7th Grade students school fees. Isaacs,Sara All NA 8/3/2015 $8.00
8th Grade Computer Fees CX316-5 CX316-5 8th Grade Computer Fees $25.00 Include computer and school fees. Isaacs,Sara 8th NA 7/29/2014 $25.00
Hope Combs-Classroom Field Trip CX316-27 CX316-27 Combs-Classroom T-shirt Classroom Tshirt Combs,Hope 4th NA 9/19/2014 $8.00
Donadio-Classroom T-Shirt CX316-14 CX316-14 Donadio-Classroom T-Shirt Donadio - 1st Grade Classroom T-shirt Donadio,Anne 1st NA 8/19/2014 $8.00
Egert-Classroom T-Shirt CX316-44 CX316-44 Egert-Classroom T-Shirt Egert - 5th Grade Classroom T-shirt Egert,Jennifer 5th NA 8/19/2014 $8.00
Hall-Classroom T-Shirt CX316-32 CX316-32 Hall-Classroom T-Shirt Hall's - 3rd Grade Classroom T-shirt Hall,Leslie 3rd NA 8/19/2014 $8.00
Hensley-Classroom T-Shirt CX316-22 CX316-22 Hensley-Classroom T-Shirt Hensley's - Kindergarten Classroom T-shirt Hensley,Patti Kindergarten NA 8/19/2014 $8.00
Lollis-Classroom T-Shirt CX316-24 CX316-24 Hepler-Classroom T-Shirt Hepler - Kindergarten Classroom T-shirt Lollis,Lynnsey Kindergarten NA 8/19/2014 $8.00
Egert-Classroom T-Shirt CX316-43 CX316-43 Isaacs-Classroom T-Shirt Isaacs - 5th Grade Classroom T-shirt Isaacs,Katelyn 3rd NA 8/19/2014 $8.00
K-5 School Fees CX316-6 CX316-6 K-5 School Fees $7.00 School fees for all K-5 students Isaacs,Sara All NA 8/3/2015 $7.00
Martin-Classroom T-Shirt CX316-15 CX316-15 Martin-Classroom T-Shirt Martin-1st Grade Classroom T-shirt Martin,Donna 1st NA 8/19/2014 $8.00
Pfister-Classroom T-Shirt CX316-17 CX316-17 Pfister-Classroom T-Shirt Pfister 2nd Grade Classroom T-shirt Pfister,Patricia 2nd NA 8/19/2014 $8.00
Reece-Classroom T-Shirt CX316-16 CX316-16 Reece-Classroom T-Shirt Reece 2nd Grade Classroom T-shirt Reece,Tiffany 2nd NA 8/19/2014 $8.00
Warren-Classroom T-Shirt CX316-31 CX316-31 Twigg-Classroom T-Shirt Twigg - 4th Grade Classroom T-shirt Twigg,Dina 4th NA 8/19/2014 $8.00
Combs-Classroom T-Shirt CX316-42 CX316-42 Warren-Classroom T-Shirt Warren - 3rd Grade Classroom T-shirt Warren,Amy 3rd NA 8/19/2014 $8.00
Yearbook Sale 1st Chance CX316-11 CX316-11 Yearbook Sale 1st Chance Buy your students yearbook at the lowest price of the year. Laws,Christy All NA 8/1/2015 $32.00
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