Apex Friendship

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Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
NJHS Dues AG315-37 AG315-37 7 th Grade NJHS Dues 7 th Grade Dues for New Members of NJHS 0010b00002XzGPfAAN:Apex Friendship FIXED McConnell,Kristen 7th NA NA $20.00
8 th Grade NJHS Dues AG315-38 AG315-38 8 th Grade NJHS Dues 8 th Grade dues for new members of NJHS. 0010b00002XzGPfAAN:Apex Friendship FIXED McConnell,Kristen 8th NA NA $10.00
ELA Books Fines / Fees AG315-VAR5 AG315-VAR5 ELA Textbooks Fines / Fees Please Write Book Name for Replacement. 0010b00002XzGPfAAN:Apex Friendship VARIABLE Williams,Shanetta N/A NA NA $0.00
Lost Lock Fines AG315-41 AG315-41 Lost Lock Fines Lost Lock Fines 0010b00002XzGPfAAN:Apex Friendship FIXED Olmstead,Jennifer All NA NA $8.50
Media fines/fees AG315-VAR1 AG315-VAR1 Media Fines / Lost Books Lost or damaged media books 0010b00002XzGPfAAN:Apex Friendship VARIABLE Cassidy,Jennifer N/A NA NA $0.00
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