Apex Friendship High

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Activity No. Activity Name Teacher / Sponsor Grade Level Course / Class Activity Date Price
AG172-89 2018 Prom sichak,samantha 11-12 NA 5/5/2018 $50.00
Juniors& seniors may only purchase one guest ticket for an upperclassman, an underclass AFHS student, or one non-AFHS guest. The guest agreement permission form must be turned in at the time the ticket is purchased.
AG172-83 AoE graduation cords Cadavid,Diane 12th NA 2/26/2018 $9.00
AoE cords
AG172-26 Art Donation Cave,Jennifer 9-10 Visual Art 1 1/22/2018 $5.00
$5 donation to program
AG172-42 Art sketchbook sets Cave,Jennifer All NA 1/22/2018 $7.00
sketchbook, pencils, sharpener
AG172-86 Downtown Raleigh ArtTrip Harkins,Caroline All Art 5/22/2018 $13.00
CAM, Artspace, Urban Sketching
AG172-60 GTC Henry,Amanda All NA 9/20/2017 $10.00
GTC - new members
AG172-32 GTC Henry,Amanda All NA 9/20/2017 $5.00
GTC - returning members
AG172-76 Nat'l. Art Honors Society Donation Pollack,Alissa All NA 1/10/2018 $5.00
support for AFHS Art Service Club
AG172-34 Off Campus Lunch Pass Villafranca,Sharon 11-12 NA 7/1/2017 $5.00
off campus lunch pass
AG172-23 Parking Pass Villafranca,Sharon All NA 3/1/2018 $68.00
Parking Pass
AG172-84 STARworks field trip Cave,Jennifer All NA 4/25/2018 $20.00
Art field trip
AG172-87 State Speech/Debate Tournament Eckstein,Kim All NA 4/14/2018 $30.00
Debate Tournament
AG172-8 Textiles and Apparel Harrison,Dawn All NA 8/25/2017 $6.00
Supplies Fee