Mills Park Middle School

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AU3 2018/19 FIELD TRIPS-TOTAL  Mills Park Middle School AG156-271 AG156-271 AU3 2018/19 FIELD TRIPS-TOTAL Lump sum payment for field trips scheduled throughout school year 2018/19. AU3 class only. Nicole,Poitras All AU3 10/12/2018 $66.50
AU3 Hillridge Farm  Mills Park Middle School AG156-281 AG156-281 AU3 Hillridge Farm AU3 to Hillridge Farm-final field trip of school year. AU3 only. Nicole,Poitras All AU3 5/31/2019 $8.00
AU3 Pullen Park  Mills Park Middle School AG156-280 AG156-280 AU3 Pullen Park AU3 field trip to Pullen Park. AU3 only. Nicole,Poitras All AU3 4/26/2019 $3.00
Media Fees  Mills Park Middle School AG156-VAR1 AG156-VAR1 Media Fees Media Fees: Please include the reason for the fee, such as "Lost Book" or "Damaged Book," along with the book's title, if you know it. Shelton,Kim All NA NA $0.00
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