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BETA CLUB DUES 2920-2021 AG151-265 AG151-265 BETA CLUB DUES 2920-2021 BETA DUES 0010b00002HJEIvAAP:Wake Forest High FIXED Fields,Heather N/A NA NA $15.00
DECA ICDC $55.00 AG151-280 AG151-280 DECA ICDC $55.00 Close on March 13th 0010b00002HJEIvAAP:Wake Forest High FIXED Walker,Kristi N/A NA NA $55.00
Media Fines AG151-VAR2 AG151-VAR2 Media Fines This fine is for lost WFHS Media Center books and unpaid fines. Please verify the amount of the fine with the media center before paying online. If you are paying media fines for another school, please add the school's name under "Description". 0010b00002HJEIvAAP:Wake Forest High VARIABLE Fields,Heather All NA NA $0.00
Fine - Parking Ticket Fines AG151-VAR1 AG151-VAR1 Parking Fines This fine is a result of parking violations while on Wake Forest HS campus. Student should have received a paper ticket explaining their violation. 0010b00002HJEIvAAP:Wake Forest High VARIABLE Mitchell,Trena 11-12 NA NA $0.00
Textbook Fine AG151-VAR3 AG151-VAR3 Textbook Fines Fine for Textbook(s) not returned. Please put in the amount you are being charged in order to clear your fine. 0010b00002HJEIvAAP:Wake Forest High VARIABLE Mitchell,Trena All NA NA $0.00
Yearbook 20-21 - Deposit only: $75 AG151-271 AG151-271 Yearbook (Ad's only) 20-21 - Deposit only: $75 Deposit only: $75 0010b00002HJEIvAAP:Wake Forest High FIXED Crouse,Vicki N/A NA NA $75.00
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