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AG148-323 2022-23 Sanderson Parking Pass The Sanderson Online Parking Application must be completed with all necessary documentation uploaded. See the application for details. Print a copy of your Online School Payment Receipt and upload into your application. NOTE: ALL FINES/FEES (including senior graduation fees) MUST BE PAID IN ORDER TO RECEIVE A PARKING PASS. Fines and fees owed can be located in PowerSchool. 0010b00002HJOFtAAP:Sanderson High FIXED Ausley,Stephen N/A NA NA $200.00
AG148-320 22-23 Off-Campus Lunch Pass (Jr & Sr only) Please advised of the following rules: 1. Complete the Lunch Pass Application Google Form located on the Sanderson website. Your lunch pass will not be process without the completed application. 2. ALL FINES/FEE MUST BE PAID BEFORE A LUNCH PASS WILL BE ISSUED. Fines/Fees owed are listed in PowerSchool under the "Fees' tab. 0010b00002HJOFtAAP:Sanderson High FIXED Bailey,Letisha 11-12 NA NA $10.00
AG148-336 DECA-PowerTrip Conference, Washington DC (Both Pmt Options) This payment option are for DECA members going to attend the Power Trip Conference in Washington DC November 10-13, 2022. There are two pieces to this payment option per the signed contract, please choose carefully. 1st Deposit of $100 due on/before 9/23/22 2nd Balance of $375 due on/before 11/1/22 0010b00002HJOFtAAP:Sanderson High FIXED Meghann,Martinez N/A NA NA $475.00
AG148-VAR43 Donation - WISE This donation option is for Sanderson's WISE Club. 0010b00002HJOFtAAP:Sanderson High VARIABLE Traci,Claiborne N/A NA NA $0.00
AG148-VAR29 Donations - Class of 2023 Monetary donations for Sanderson's Class of 2022. 0010b00002HJOFtAAP:Sanderson High VARIABLE Doss,Madison 10th NA NA $0.00
AG148-VAR34 Donations - Class of 2024 Monetary donations for the Class of 2024. 0010b00002HJOFtAAP:Sanderson High VARIABLE Martin,Lindsay 9th NA NA $0.00
AG148-126 FCCLA Dues This fine is for unpaid FCCLA dues. 0010b00002HJOFtAAP:Sanderson High FIXED Ashley,Taylor N/A NA NA $24.00
AG148-VAR11 Fine - AFROTC This fine is imposed by the AFROTC. 0010b00002HJOFtAAP:Sanderson High VARIABLE Howard,Tyneka N/A NA NA $0.00
AG148-VAR39 Fine - Art This payment option is for assessed fines associated with the art department for unreturned art tools/supplies. 0010b00002HJOFtAAP:Sanderson High VARIABLE Abby,Tucker-gravatt N/A NA NA $0.00
AG148-VAR30 Fine - Carry Over Fines From Carroll Middle School This payment option is only for fines levied by Carroll Middle School. 0010b00002HJOFtAAP:Sanderson High VARIABLE Peterson,Meagan N/A NA NA $0.00
AG148-VAR37 Fine - FCCLA Fines This payment option is for fines associated with FCCLA. 0010b00002HJOFtAAP:Sanderson High VARIABLE Ashley,Taylor N/A NA NA $0.00
AG148-239 Fine - Parking Ticket Fines This fine is result of parking violations while on Sanderson's campus. Student should have received a paper ticket explaining their violation. 0010b00002HJOFtAAP:Sanderson High FIXED Mahl,Kim N/A NA NA $10.00
AG148-212 Fine - Replacement ID Fee for replacing a student's Sanderson school ID. 0010b00002HJOFtAAP:Sanderson High FIXED Bailey,Letisha All NA 1/1/2019 $5.00
AG148-VAR7 Fines - Athletic This fines are imposed by the Athletic Department. 0010b00002HJOFtAAP:Sanderson High VARIABLE Laughlin,Todd N/A NA NA $0.00
AG148-317 Fines - Missed/Cancelled AP Exam This fine is for a missed or cancelled AP exam. 0010b00002HJOFtAAP:Sanderson High FIXED Johnson ward,Durenda N/A NA NA $40.00
AG148-VAR38 Fines - Student Council This payment option is for student council fines (ex. student council shirts, powderpuff shirts, etc. 0010b00002HJOFtAAP:Sanderson High VARIABLE Miller,Jordan N/A NA NA $0.00
AG148-VAR14 Fines - Supplemental Textbooks This is fine is for a lost supplemental textbook. (ex. a novel) 0010b00002HJOFtAAP:Sanderson High VARIABLE Mahl,Kim N/A NA NA $0.00
AG148-VAR13 Fines - Textbooks This fine is for a lost textbook. (ex. English, Math, etc.) 0010b00002HJOFtAAP:Sanderson High VARIABLE Mahl,Kim N/A NA NA $0.00
AG148-333 Marketing & FCCLA Field Trip-NC State Fair Marketing & FCCLA will be visiting the NC State Fair to explore the relationship between careers and the local economy. 0010b00002HJOFtAAP:Sanderson High FIXED Meghann,Martinez N/A NA NA $10.00
AG148-261 Sports Medicine CPR Card and Med Tape - All Choices Fees associated with becoming CPR certified and supplied required for SM1 and SM2 classes. 0010b00002HJOFtAAP:Sanderson High FIXED Johnson,Deirdre N/A NA NA $15.00
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