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Fines - Miscellaneous Fines 2023-2024 AG146-VAR41 AG146-VAR41 Fines - Miscellaneous Fines 2023-2024 DO NOT USE FOR PARKING FINES, PARKING PASSES, MEDIA or TEXTBOOK FINES!! Please specify in the description the item you are paying. Examples: Uniforms, science, instruments, etc. Pay the amount owed and it will be cleared from the account. 0010b00002HJOG2AAP:Millbrook High VARIABLE Ellis,Lorrie N/A N/A N/A $0.00
Fines - Parking Tickets/Fines 2023-24 AG146-VAR44 AG146-VAR44 Fines - Parking Tickets/Fines 2023-24 Parking fines. 0010b00002HJOG2AAP:Millbrook High VARIABLE Patterson,Renee N/A N/A N/A $0.00
French Club Dues 2023-2024 AG146-1222 AG146-1222 French Club Dues 2023-2024 Yearly cost to participate in the monthly French Club 0010b00002HJOG2AAP:Millbrook High FIXED Bugaeva,Evgeniya All N/A N/A $8.00
IB Diploma Programme Activity Fee - Juniors - 2022-23 AG146-1110 AG146-1110 IB Diploma Programme Activity Fee - Juniors - 2023-24 Fee for junior students in the IB Diploma Program only. Pays for various DP needs and activities. 0010b00002HJOG2AAP:Millbrook High FIXED Baron,Loren 11th N/A N/A $40.00
IB Diploma Programme Activity Fee - Seniors - 2023-24 AG146-1191 AG146-1191 IB Diploma Programme Activity Fee - Seniors - 2023-24 Fee for seniors in the IB Diploma Programme only - to pay for DP senior fees and activities. This is NOT the Senior Class Fee. 0010b00002HJOG2AAP:Millbrook High FIXED Baron,Loren 12th N/A N/A $55.00
IB Exam Fees AG146-1239 AG146-1239 IB Exam Fees Late fee for IB subject change. 0010b00002HJOG2AAP:Millbrook High FIXED Baron,Loren N/A N/A N/A $538.00
JROTC Pins AG146-1154 AG146-1154 JROTC Pins JROTC Pins 0010b00002HJOG2AAP:Millbrook High FIXED Colon,Pablo N/A N/A N/A $10.00
Mu Alpha Theta Honor Cord AG146-973 AG146-973 Mu Alpha Theta Honor Cord - 2023/2024 Honor Cords 0010b00002HJOG2AAP:Millbrook High FIXED Yopp,Alison N/A N/A N/A $6.00
National Achievers Donation AG146-VAR47 AG146-VAR47 National Achievers Donation Donations for Charleston, SC field trip 4/25/24-4/29/24. Any amount is appreciated and will go to help students in need. 0010b00002HJOG2AAP:Millbrook High VARIABLE Bartney,Kierston N/A N/A N/A $0.00
National Achievers Field Trip - 1st Installment Payment AG146-1227 AG146-1227 National Achievers Field Trip - 1st Payment Charleston, SC Field Trip - 1st Payment Leave October 3, 2024 Return October 6, 2024 0010b00002HJOG2AAP:Millbrook High FIXED Bartney,Kierston All N/A N/A $150.00
NHS Dues - 2023-2024 AG146-1196 AG146-1196 NHS Dues - 2023-2024 All INDUCTED National Honor Society members are required to pay dues one time. 0010b00002HJOG2AAP:Millbrook High FIXED Carr,Michele All N/A N/A $20.00
Off-Campus Lunch Pass 2023-24 AG146-1155 AG146-1155 Off-Campus Lunch Pass 2023-24 Juniors and Seniors ONLY. *** You must complete the Off-Campus Lunch Pass Application on the MHS Website*** All fines and fees must be paid to receive a lunch pass. 0010b00002HJOG2AAP:Millbrook High FIXED Cooper,Gena 11-12 N/A 7/17/2019 $10.00
Senior Class Donation - 2023-24 AG146-VAR45 AG146-VAR45 Senior Class Donation - 2023-24 Tax deductible donation to MHS Class of 2024. Donations will be used for Senior Class activities such as the end of year picnic and Senior Class gift. Donations in any amount are accepted. Thank you. 0010b00002HJOG2AAP:Millbrook High VARIABLE Ellis,Lorrie N/A N/A N/A $0.00
Senior Class Fee - 2023-24 AG146-1233 AG146-1233 Senior Class Fee - 2023-24 Includes diploma covers, stoles, senior activities, picnic, class gift to school. Fee increases to $50 on Jan. 27th. 0010b00002HJOG2AAP:Millbrook High FIXED Patterson,Renee 12th N/A N/A $50.00
Sociology Food Lab Fee - Mr. Crawley - 2023-24 AG146-1194 AG146-1194 Sociology Food Lab Fee - Mr. Crawley - 2023-24 This fee funds the materials needed for Cultural Food Labs, in which Honors Sociology students analyze cultural similarities and differences. 0010b00002HJOG2AAP:Millbrook High FIXED Crawley,Matt 11-12 N/A N/A $10.00
Textbook Fines and Fees AG146-VAR2 AG146-VAR2 Textbook Fines and Fees 2023-2024 NOT MEDIA BOOK. ONLY Lost and Damaged Classroom Books 0010b00002HJOG2AAP:Millbrook High VARIABLE Smith,Roseann All N/A N/A $0.00
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