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2018 National Honor Society Dues  Millbrook High AG146-890 AG146-890 2018 National Honor Society Dues Juniors/Seniors inducted into the National Honor Society One time dues. Conrad,Taylor All NA NA $20.00
Blough Honors Earth/Environmental Science  Millbrook High AG146-858 AG146-858 Blough Honors Earth/Environmental Science Lab supplies Blough,Timothy All NA NA $5.00
Chinese Club  Millbrook High AG146-861 AG146-861 Chinese Club To provide snacks and supplies at meetings learning about Chinese Culture Jung,Will All NA NA $5.00
Class Fee - Seniors  Millbrook High AG146-871 AG146-871 Class Fee - Seniors Covers Senior picnic, graduation activities, certificate, etc. Fine will be cleared from PowerSchool as soon as fee is paid. Patterson,Renee All NA NA $25.00
English Honor Society 2019 AG146-910 AG146-910 English Honor Society 2019 Yearly dues for National Accreditation and snacks for tutoring sessions Brushwood,Erin All NA NA $10.00
FFA Dues & T-Shirt Package  Millbrook High AG146-833 AG146-833 FFA Dues & T-Shirt Package Allows students to participate in all FFA activities throughout the year. Broadwell,Jennifer All NA NA $20.00
Hatlen Honors Earth/Environmental  Millbrook High AG146-844 AG146-844 Hatlen Honors Earth/Environmental Extra lab supplies Hatlen,Lori All NA NA $5.00
Hatlen IB Biology  Millbrook High AG146-845 AG146-845 Hatlen IB Biology extra lab supplies Hatlen,Lori All NA NA $5.00
Lost Parking Tag  Millbrook High AG146-695 AG146-695 Lost Parking Tag Bring receipt to Ms. Cooper to receive replacement Cooper,Gena All NA NA $10.00
Media Fines AG146-VAR1 AG146-VAR1 Media Fines DO NOT PAY FOR ANYTHING EXCEPT MEDIA FINES. DO NOT PAY FOR SENIOR CLASS FEE OR ANY OTHER FINE UNDER THIS ACTIVITY. PAY UNDER THE CORRECT ACTIVITY. Students can pay for Millbrook High School fines ONLY online instead of in person with cash. Kraus,Shannon All NA NA $0.00
Miscellaneous Fines  Millbrook High AG146-VAR8 AG146-VAR8 Miscellaneous Fines Examples: Uniforms, science, instruments, etc. Pay the amount owed and it will be cleared from the account. Specify in the description what you are paying for. Cronin,Teresa N/A NA NA $0.00
Mr. Fisher Biology  Millbrook High AG146-853 AG146-853 Mr. Fisher Biology lab supplies and other necessary materials for inquiry based labs Fisher,Jonathan All NA NA $5.00
Off-Campus Lunch Pass  Millbrook High AG146-828 AG146-828 Off-Campus Lunch Pass Juniors and Seniors ONLY. All fines and fees must be paid to receive a lunch pass. Cooper,Gena All NA NA $10.00
Parking  Millbrook High AG146-VAR9 AG146-VAR9 Parking Only students that have been called by Mrs. Cooper are allowed to pay. When Ms. Cooper calls she will let you know how much to pay. Cooper,Gena N/A NA NA $0.00
Parking Tickets  Millbrook High AG146-694 AG146-694 Parking Tickets tickets Cooper,Gena All NA 8/1/2017 $5.00
Scanlon Biology & Marine Ecology  Millbrook High AG146-860 AG146-860 Scanlon Biology & Marine Ecology Lab supplies Scanlon,Nick All NA NA $5.00
Textbook Fines and Fees  Millbrook High AG146-VAR2 AG146-VAR2 Textbook Fines and Fees NOT MEDIA BOOK. ONLY Lost and Damaged Classroom Books Cooper,Gena All NA NA $0.00
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