Leesville Road High

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FBLA  State Leadership Conference AG144-126 AG144-126 FBLA State Leadership Conference State Leadership Conference March 25 - 27, 2019. Le,Michelle N/A NA NA $225.00
FBLA-Dues  Leesville Road High AG144-108 AG144-108 FBLA-Dues FBLA Dues Le,Michelle N/A NA NA $12.00
General Book, class and club fines  Leesville Road High AG144-VAR2 AG144-VAR2 General Book, class and club fines Money that is owed for textbooks,uniforms, field trips, class projects, club sctivities, AP fines, etc. See fines list posted outside office. Media Fines are not posted. If you think you have one call and I will look it up. Parking and lunch passes will not be issued if fine owed. Koch,Mary Ellen N/A NA NA $0.00
Loonie Lounge Lunches  Leesville Road High AG144-115 AG144-115 Loonie Lounge Lunches Payment for Loonie Lounge Staff Lunches Goins,Lorin N/A NA NA $6.00
Lunch passes 2018-19 (11 & 12 grade only)  Leesville Road High AG144-37 AG144-37 Lunch passes 2018-19 (11 & 12 grade only) Please complete your 2018-2019 application, have it notarized, attach your on-line receipt and return to the main office by August 6 to have your pass ready by lunch pass pick-up on August 23. Koch,Mary Ellen N/A NA 7/13/2017 $10.00
Model UN Duke Conference AG144-119 AG144-119 Model UN Duke Conference For team members only January 17-20, 2019 Nancy,Mosley N/A NA NA $275.00
Model UN UNC Chapel Hill AG144-120 AG144-120 Model UN UNC Chapel Hill For team members only February 21-24, 2019 Nancy,Mosley N/A NA NA $90.00
National Latin Exam  Leesville Road High AG144-121 AG144-121 National Latin Exam Registration for National Latin Exam Mash,Carrie N/A NA NA $5.00
Parking Pass 2018-2019 AG144-1 AG144-1 Parking Pass 2018-2019 Parking Pass 2018-19. Please complete your application, copy your license, and return to school. It is very IMPORTANT that you have the 2018-19 form filled out completely with a copy of a valid driver's license and receipt from this payment attached. Koch,Mary Ellen All NA 7/13/2017 $160.00
Yearbook Ad 1/2 Page AG144-106 AG144-106 Yearbook Ad 1/2 Page Yearbook Ad 1/2 page , N/A NA NA $225.00
Yearbook Ad 1/4 page AG144-105 AG144-105 Yearbook Ad 1/4 page Yearbook Ad 1/4 page , N/A NA NA $175.00
Yearbook ad 1/8 page AG144-104 AG144-104 Yearbook ad 1/8 page Yearbook Ad 1/8 page , N/A NA NA $125.00
Yearbook Ad Full Page AG144-107 AG144-107 Yearbook Ad Full Page Yearbook ad Full Page , N/A NA NA $375.00
Yearbook-Page Sponsorship  Leesville Road High AG144-113 AG144-113 Yearbook-Page Sponsorship Yearbook Page Sponsorship Amerson,Joni N/A NA NA $75.00
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