Holly Springs High

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Activity No. Activity Name Teacher / Sponsor Grade Level Course / Class Activity Date Price
AG142-169 Class of 2018 Junior Dues Janzekovich,Lauren 11-12 NA 7/1/2016 $20.00
Dues will cover class expenses
AG142-187 Class of 2018 Senior Dues Janzekovich,Lauren 12th NA 6/1/2017 $20.00
Dues will cover class expenses
AG142-188 Class of 2019 Jr Dues Young,Tamara All NA NA $20.00
Dues to cover class expenses
AG142-189 HSHS Lunch Pass 2017-2018 Davis,Laurie All NA 6/8/2017 $5.00
Pass required to leave campus for lunch. Student must be 11th/12th grade and turn in completed application and this receipt to receive lunch pass. All fines/fees must be clear to receive pass. Pass will be available following day.
AG142-195 Holly Springs Hawks Shirt-Adult XLarge O'Hara,Kelly All NA 8/10/2017 $10.00
Shirts will be delivered during 1st period
AG142-198 FCCLA Dues Cole,Kathleen All NA 8/28/2017 $14.00
Annual national and state CTSO club dues
AG142-199 Key Club Dues & T-Shirt Courtney,Southwell All NA 9/1/2017 $23.00
District and International dues and a t-shirt for students that have applied and been accepted into Key Club
AG142-201 DECA Dues and Shirt Doggett,Ryan All NA NA $26.00
DECA dues payment for 2017-2018. Registration at hshsdeca.org/membership
AG142-202 AP Physics Worktext Smith,Jason All NA NA $20.00
Textbook for Mr. Smith's AP Physics class
AG142-205 HOSA Membership 2017/18 Cress,Faye All NA 9/12/2017 $22.00
Annual National, State and Chapter dues. Print a copy of this receipt and attach to your membership application
AG142-206 National Honor Society dues Seniors Munchick,Jill 12th NA 9/12/2017 $17.00
Membership dues and graduation honor cords for active members
AG142-207 National Honor Society dues Juniors Munchick,Jill 11th NA 9/12/2017 $3.00
Junior class membership dues for active members
AG142-208 Holly Springs Hawks Shirt-Adult Small O'Hara,Kelly All NA 8/10/2017 $10.00
You will be contacted to pickup your shirt
AG142-210 Holly Springs Hawks Shirt-Adult Medium O'Hara,Kelly All NA 8/10/2017 $10.00
Shirts will be delivered during 1st period
AG142-211 Holly Springs Hawks Shirt-Adult Large O'Hara,Kelly All NA 8/10/2017 $10.00
Shirts will be delivered during 1st period
AG142-212 Holly Springs Hawks Shirt-OTHER O'Hara,Kelly All NA 8/10/2017 $10.00
Shirts will be delivered to 1st period. Email kohara2@wcpss.net to indicate size
AG142-219 National English Honor Society New Member Dues Sanders,Meghan 11-12 NA NA $13.00
Honor Society dedicated to the promotion of English and Literacy
AG142-225 Morehead Planetarium Field Trip Proctor,Justin All NA NA $11.00
Astronomy class viewing of the Carolina Skies program November 15, 2017
AG142-226 Forensic Science Field Trips Bowen,Mike All NA NA $26.00
Forensic Science trips to Firearms Training Center and CCBI Crime Lab. Submit permission slip and any questions to Mr. Bowen
AG142-227 DECA Districts Registration Doggett,Ryan All NA 11/29/2017 $18.00
Registration payment for DECA district competition. Make sure to register at hshsdeca.org/districts