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Insufficient Check Charge AG123-68 AG123-68 Insufficient Check Charge $10 Insufficient (Returned) Check Charge when a check has been returned from our Bank due to non-payment. The original activity (field trip, etc.) must be paid for separately and in addition to this charge. Ellington,Valerie All NA 5/27/2015 $10.00
Lost Lock AG123-15 AG123-15 Lost Lock Payment for students who have lost their school-issued combination lock. Replacement lock will be given to homeroom teacher after payment is made.This lock is to be returned to the homeroom teacher at the end of the school year, or upon WFMS withdrawal Ellington,Valerie All NA 5/18/2016 $5.00
AGENDA PAYMENTS AG123-137 AG123-137 SCHOOL AGENDA PAYMENTS WFMS student agendas are a required school supply for all students. The agenda must be purchased through the school. It is a school specific agenda and will be utilized daily for Smart Block, academic planning, etc. The cost is $5.00. OSP will add a small processing fee. If an agenda is lost, a second purchase will be required. Please make a copy of your transaction for proof of payment. Ellington,Valerie All NA 10/1/2018 $5.00
TEXTBOOK FINES AG123-VAR2 AG123-VAR2 TEXTBOOK FINES This account is for payment of textbook fines, either for loss or damage. A school administrator will inform you of the price you owe. Thank you for your support. Ellington,Valerie N/A NA NA $0.00
WASHINGTON D.C. FIELD TRIP AG123-141 AG123-141 WASHINGTON D.C. FIELD TRIP Now accepting a down payment, to secure your spot, for the 8th grade D.C. trip for April 16-17, 2020. Flyers were sent home at Cougar Camp. Student and Chaperone cost will be the same. After Oct. 30th, we will be able to determine the final cost. The down payment now is $50.00. Estimate of total trip is $220 - 260, depending on number of participants. Clemens,Amy 8th NA NA $50.00
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