Martin Middle

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Art Club  Martin Middle AG118-257 AG118-257 Art Club Fee Bennett,Maggie All NA 9/21/2018 $10.00
Baskerballl Gear  Martin Middle AG118-267 AG118-267 Baskerballl Gear Shoes & Warm-Up Shirt Basaldu,John All NA 11/21/2018 $100.00
Black Jazz Band T-Shirt  Martin Middle AG118-262 AG118-262 Black Jazz Band T-Shirt Short Sleeve Riggs,Erik All NA 10/16/2018 $10.00
Boys & Girls Track  Martin Middle AG118-282 AG118-282 Boys & Girls Track Gear Basaldu,John All NA 3/26/2019 $50.00
Boys Soccer Gear  Martin Middle AG118-287 AG118-287 Boys Soccer Gear T-Shirt and Sweatshirt Basaldu,John All NA 4/9/2019 $40.00
Damaged Book Fee  Martin Middle AG118-252 AG118-252 Damaged Book Fee Damaged Book Fee Bonham-West,Rebecca All NA 9/10/2018 $2.00
Garden Club  Martin Middle AG118-256 AG118-256 Garden Club Fee Bennett,Maggie All NA 9/21/2018 $10.00
German Day  Martin Middle AG118-278 AG118-278 German Day Fee for German day Bartley,Ute All NA 2/7/2019 $31.00
Girls Basketball Shoes  Martin Middle AG118-269 AG118-269 Girls Basketball Shoes Girls Basaldu,John All NA 11/30/2018 $75.00
Girls Basketball T-Shirt  Martin Middle AG118-268 AG118-268 Girls Basketball T-Shirt Girls Basaldu,John All Girls Basketball 11/30/2018 $13.50
Instrument Rental  Martin Middle AG118-244 AG118-244 Instrument Rental Band Riggs,Erik All NA 8/27/2018 $75.00
Instrument Rental  Martin Middle AG118-245 AG118-245 Instrument Rental Band Riggs,Erik All Band 8/27/2018 $50.00
Missing Materials (ELA Workbook)  Martin Middle AG118-253 AG118-253 Missing Materials (ELA Workbook) ELA Bonham-West,Rebecca All NA 9/10/2018 $2.00
Missing Workbook (Math)  Martin Middle AG118-254 AG118-254 Missing Workbook (Math) Math Bonham-West,Rebecca All NA NA $5.00
NCDPI AG118-284 AG118-284 NCDPI Womens Ensemble Thomas,Allison All NA 4/3/2019 $5.00
Pottery 2  Martin Middle AG118-258 AG118-258 Pottery 2 Fee Bennett,Maggie All NA 9/21/2018 $10.00
Red Band Hoodie  Martin Middle AG118-261 AG118-261 Red Band Hoodie Band Riggs,Erik All NA 10/16/2018 $25.00
Red Band T-Shirt  Martin Middle AG118-260 AG118-260 Red Band T-Shirt Short Sleeve Riggs,Erik All NA 10/16/2018 $10.00
Replacement- ELA Reading Book  Martin Middle AG118-255 AG118-255 Replacement- ELA Reading Book Replacement Bonham-West,Rebecca All NA 9/10/2018 $10.00
Softball Gear  Martin Middle AG118-283 AG118-283 Softball Gear Gear Basaldu,John All NA 3/26/2019 $57.00
Technology Take Home Fee  Martin Middle AG118-247 AG118-247 Technology Take Home Fee Technology Take Home Fee Kalsbeek,Brian All NA 8/28/2018 $10.00
Technology/3D Printing Donation  Martin Middle AG118-246 AG118-246 Technology/3D Printing Donation Technology/3D Printing Donation Kalsbeek,Brian All NA 8/28/2018 $5.00
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