Daniels Middle

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Activity No. Activity Name Teacher / Sponsor Grade Level Course / Class Activity Date Price
AG104-55 Seawolves Richmond Field Trip Cherry,Gena 8th Science,Language Arts,Social St 4/20/2018 $75.00
Students will see North Carolina's role in US history which includes World War II. Will visit science museum to tour and participate in a learning lab on mass and volume.
AG104-57 Field trip to Petersburg and Richmond Powell,Martha 8th Social Studies,Science,LA 3/16/2018 $65.00
Students will go to Petersburg National Battlefield and Richmond Holocaust Museum
AG104-64 Kennedy Theatre McKoy,Taina 6th Language Arts 3/15/2018 $25.00
Attend performance of Midsummer Night's Dream and Huck and Tom
AG104-66 United Skates of America McKoy,Taina 6th Science 4/20/2018 $21.00
To study wave explorations, frequency and sound travel.