Kingswood Elementary

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Activity No. Activity Name Teacher / Sponsor Grade Level Course / Class Activity Date Price
AG046-184 Pre-K Deposit Ferro,Debbi All NA 8/14/2017 $150.00
This is due when you accept a seat in the class.
AG046-193 1st Grade Field Trip T-Shirt Kimball,Ashley 1st NA 9/25/2017 $6.00
Cost to purchase a t-shirt for field trips
AG046-194 Primary Trip to Pumpkin Farm Hulse,Erika Kindergarten NA 10/17/2017 $14.50
Primary students will go to Upchurch Farm in Cary
AG046-195 Primary Field Trip T-Shirt Hulse,Erika Kindergarten NA 10/17/2017 $9.00
This is for each primary student to purchase a field trip t-shirt which will be worn on all off campus trips.
AG046-196 Science Fun For Everyone (1st Grade) Kimball,Ashley 1st NA 11/9/2017 $8.50
In-House science activity (Earth)
AG046-198 Morehead Planetarium (3rd Grade) Murray,Niki 3rd NA 11/2/2017 $10.00
Extend objectives in the sky unit.
AG046-199 Science Fun For Everyone (2nd Grade) Black,Jordan 2nd NA 11/17/2017 $8.50
In-House Field Trip - Hands on exploration of science content.
AG046-200 Mordecai Historical Park (4th Grade) Webster,Erika 4th NA 12/7/2017 $9.00
Visit Mordecai House for historical learning experience.
AG046-201 Museum of Natural Science (5th Grade) Casey,Byrne 5th NA 12/15/2017 $8.00
Study of ecosystems and weather
AG046-203 Science Fun For Everyone (1st Grade) Kimball,Ashley 1st NA 1/23/2018 $8.50
In-House - Culminating activity for Pebbles, Sand, Silt and Science Unit
AG046-204 Marbles Museum (3rd Grade) Murray,Niki 3rd NA 1/26/2018 $8.00
Participate in STEM related activities
AG046-205 Marbles Museum (Primary) Hulse,Erika Kindergarten NA 1/30/2018 $10.00
to explore properties in various environments
AG046-206 Carolina Tiger Rescue (4th Grade) Webster,Erika 4th NA 3/8/2018 $12.00
Study animal habitats
AG046-207 NC Museum of Natural Science (1st Grade) Kimball,Ashley 1st NA 3/28/2018 $3.00
Culminating activity for Organisms Unit
AG046-208 Umstead Park (3rd Grade) Murray,Niki 3rd NA 4/20/2018 $10.00
Interact with plants and soil
AG046-209 Wake Forest HS Traveling Matiinee (2nd Grade) Black,Jordan 2nd NA 4/27/2018 $2.50
In-house - The show brings to life the folktale unit that 2nd grade is studying.
AG046-210 Science Fun for Everyone (Primary) Hulse,Erika Kindergarten NA 10/3/2017 $8.50
Explore weather (In-House)