Conn Elementary

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Activity No. Activity Name Teacher / Sponsor Grade Level Course / Class Activity Date Price
AG019-96 2nd Grade Historic Oakview & Museum Trip Fowler,Joni All NA 2/22/2018 $18.50
this includes admission for the Historic Oakview trip (2.22) and the Museum of Life and Science (3.27)
AG019-97 NC Asheboro Zoo- 1st Grade robinson,safiya All NA 3/28/2018 $27.00
includes charter transportation
AG019-98 Planetarium- 3rd Grade Massengill,Carla All NA 3/6/2018 $37.00
this includes charter transportation and admission into The Morehead Planetarium
AG019-100 5thg Bennett Place/T Shirt- Student Best,Belinda All NA 4/11/2018 $13.00
this includes student fees, and tshirt money