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All A Flutter AM072-93 AM072-93 All A Flutter Butterfly Farm, students will see structures and functions of living things Ingle,Amanda 2nd NA NA $11.00
Biltmore House AM072-102 AM072-102 Biltmore House Singing various genres of music Allison,Tonya N/A NA NA $60.00
Boosterthon Fun Run AM072-109 AM072-109 Boosterthon Fun Run This 9-day fitness, leadership, and character-based program invites parents, faculty, and community members to pledge a minimum of $1.00 per lap. Students will run an average of 30-35 laps around the boosterthon speedway. Farmer,Angela N/A NA NA $1.00
Carowinds AM072-101 AM072-101 Carowinds Music Festival Allison,Tonya N/A NA NA $55.00
Catawba Science Center AM072-99 AM072-99 Catawba Science Center Make fascinating, hands-on discoveries about conduction, convection, and radiation. Learn about the major systems of the human body by comparing them to those of a preserved frog. Planetarium show that explores fascinating weather phenomena found on planet Earth. From thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes, to beautiful rainbows, parhelia and lunar halos. Students will participate in hands-on exhibits to explore physical, natural, and earth sciences. Lisa,Weber 5th NA NA $25.00
Charlotte's Web AM072-111 AM072-111 Charlotte's Web Students will compare various interpretations of the same time period using evidence such as photographs and interviews Ingle,Amanda 2nd NA NA $10.00
Glen Hilton Park AM072-100 AM072-100 Glenn Hilton Park Explore the living and nonliving factors in forest and wetland ecosystems with a special focus on the interactions of plants and animals. Lisa,Weber 5th NA NA $17.00
Guilford Courthouse National Military Park AM072-104 AM072-104 Guilford Courthouse National Military Park Student will explore and learn about the American Revolution and Colonial Life Lisa,Weber 5th NA NA $7.00
International Civil Rights Center & Museum AM072-107 AM072-107 International Civil Rights Center & Museum 4th Graders will explore the history of the American Civil Rights Movement on February 28, 2020. Sallett,Adriane N/A NA NA $6.00
All A Flutter AM072-98 AM072-98 International Civil Rights Center & Museum Explore the history of the American Civil Rights Movement Lisa,Weber 5th NA NA $13.00
Mrs. Hanes Moravian Cookie Factory AM072-94 AM072-94 Mrs. Hanes Moravian Cookie Factory Cookie Factory Jan,Vogts 3rd NA NA $5.00
Nursing Home Visits AM072-103 AM072-103 Nursing Home Visits Singing concert style at various facilities Allison,Tonya N/A NA NA $2.00
On-Campus Mad Science Wacky Weather AM072-105 AM072-105 On-Campus Mad Science Wacky Weather : Understand weather patterns and phenomena, making connections to the weather in a particular place and time. Children will create a pet cloud, have fun with some real meteorologist tools, and learn more about precipitation by making SNOW! Lisa,Weber 5th NA NA $8.00
Winston Salem Dash AM072-92 AM072-92 Winston Salem Dash Chorus will sing National Anthem Allison,Tonya N/A NA NA $19.00
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