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Welcome to the Volusia County Schools Online School Management Portal. The OSMS Portal is provided to authorized county personnel to access and manage online school activity payments. Contact your local school administrator to establish access privileges.

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New Look! - February 2018
The portal home page now has a new look and more information available to users. Users will now find the documents, guides, and training catalog on the right side of the page while update information and important news will be underneath the OSMS News Feed.

*Important* Browser Compatability Changes - Coming July 1, 2018
On July 1st TLS 1.0/1.1 Encryption is being made obsolete and we are updating to TLS 1.2 due to a mandate by the credit card companies. With this update, older browsers will no longer be supported and will have to be updated in order to view our site. For more information and to see if your browser is supported, please follow the link above and look under the section labeled Protocol Support.

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OSP Categories: Instructions for Bookkeepers -
Activities can now be assigned to categories on the parent site.
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Online School Payments (OSP)
OSP allows parents, students, and guardians to pay using a credit card or e-check online using a web browser from any location, 24 hours a day.

Online Ticket Management (OTM)
With the Online Ticket Management (OTM) module, purchasing school items that require redemption is easier than ever before!

Online Teacher Receipting (OTR)
OTR allows teachers and other school staff to process cash, check, and credit card payments from parents and students using a web browser from any location. Please note that OTR is also referred to as Online School Receipting (OSR)

Online Student Invoicing (OSI)
With Online Student Invoicing (Detailed Obligations), you are able to assign product(s) to students for purchase. These products could be anything from specific class fees, graduation, or even testing fees.

Online School Care (OSC)
Allows school districts to manage extended day, summer, and student enrichment programs throughout the district at multiple sites with central program oversight.

Online Mobile Swipe (OMS)
Allows schools to accept credit and debit card payments in-person with a mobile device from students, parents, and community members anywhere and anytime.

OSMS Training Catalog
Online School Payments now offers training options for Bookkeepers and Care Coordinators. Refer to the OSMS Training Catalog for upcoming courses and registration (Click on the title above).

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