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Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
AG Fees CI738-70 CI738-70 AG Fees Agriculture Class Fee Gaboury,Lisa N/A NA 8/2/2018 $10.00
Algebra Camp Donation CI738-216 CI738-216 Algebra Camp Donation Algebra Camp Shirt, Supplies, Snacks, Drinks Holland,John All NA 8/13/2018 $10.00
ART Fee CI738-113 CI738-113 ART Fee Art fee Doran,Elizabeth All NA 8/12/2019 $20.00
Chorus POLO Tax included CI738-118 CI738-118 Chorus POLO Tax included Chorus Polos-Return order form to Mrs. Demps Demps,Tiffany All NA 8/13/2018 $20.00
Dance T-Shirt Tax Included CI738-169 CI738-169 Dance T-Shirt Tax Included Dance Class shirt- see Ms. Pascarella Pascarella,Melissa All NA 9/6/2018 $10.00
FFA Convention Donation CI738-VAR1                             CI738-VAR1 FFA Convention Donation FFA Convention Donation, of HERITAGE MIDDLE SCHOOL NA NA NA NA $0.00
HMS Lanyard CI738-228 CI738-228 HMS Lanyard School Lanyard HMS Eagles SOAR Peterson,Rosemary All NA NA $3.00
Student ID Replacements CI738-222 CI738-222 ID Replacements Picture ID's all grades Peterson,Rosemary All NA NA $5.00
Junior Thespian Induction Fee CI738-164 CI738-164 Junior Thespian Induction Fee Theater Group Demps,Tiffany All NA 3/1/2019 $12.00
Media/Library- Fines, Lost Books, Printing CI738-VAR12                            CI738-VAR12 Media/Library- Fines, Lost Books, Printing Media/Library- Fines, Lost Books, Printing, of HERITAGE MIDDLE SCHOOL NA NA NA NA $0.00
Pay To Play Fee CI738-93 CI738-93 Pay To Play Fee Fall- Cross Country Spring- Basketball Susi,Michael All NA 3/24/2017 $75.00
School Instrument Rental CI738-VAR15 CI738-VAR15 School Instrument Rental Band Classes See Mr. Rich Rich,Adam All NA NA $0.00
Science Donation CI738-VAR8                             CI738-VAR8 Science Donation Science Donation, of HERITAGE MIDDLE SCHOOL NA NA NA NA $0.00
Science Donation CI738-109 CI738-109 Science Donation Lab Expenses for Science Classes Coll,Jennifer All NA 8/13/2018 $5.00
Science Olympiad Fee $75.00/yr CI738-VAR3                             CI738-VAR3 Science Olympiad Fee $75.00/yr Science Olympiad Fee $75.00/yr, of HERITAGE MIDDLE SCHOOL NA NA NA NA $0.00
Shorts OR Shirt for PE CI738-139 CI738-139 Shorts OR Shirt for PE No Refund PE uniform by the piece- please specify in NOTES section Wooden,Jane All NA 8/8/2019 $10.00
Show Choir Fee CI738-119 CI738-119 Show Choir Fee Show Choir Fee in lieu of fundraising Demps,Tiffany All NA 8/18/2017 $50.00