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$711.00 for a chorus fundraiser.  Deltona Middle                                      CI732-VAR1                             CI732-VAR1 $711.00 for a chorus fundraiser. $711.00 for a chorus fundraiser., of Deltona Middle NA NA NA NA $0.00
1/2 Payment Choir Fee  Deltona Middle                                      CI732-108 CI732-108 1/2 Payment Choir Fee The is half payment for the choir equipment fee. Anderson,Jonathan All NA 9/11/2018 $25.00
Band Instrument Yearly Fee  Deltona Middle                                      CI732-99 CI732-99 Band Instrument Yearly Fee This fee is for use of a school owned instrument. Netterville,George All NA 8/10/2018 $75.00
Band Member Fair Share  Deltona Middle                                      CI732-98 CI732-98 Band Member Fair Share This is the fee that covers uniform shirt, binder and plastic sheet covers, music locker and much more. Netterville,George All NA 8/10/2018 $50.00
Basketball Shooting Shirt $30.00
Jeryel Gonzalez  Deltona Middle                                      CI732-VAR2                             CI732-VAR2 Basketball Shooting Shirt $30.00 Jeryel Gonzalez Basketball Shooting Shirt $30.00 Jeryel Gonzalez, of Deltona Middle NA NA NA NA $0.00
Choir Fee Full Payment  Deltona Middle                                      CI732-106 CI732-106 Choir Fee Full Payment Full payment Anderson,Jonathan All NA 9/10/2018 $50.00
Culinary & Tourism Academy  Deltona Middle                                      CI732-96 CI732-96 Culinary & Tourism Academy An academy that explores the restaurant and tourism markets. The fee is for a half year. Wynne,Danielle All NA 6/1/2018 $40.00
Culinary Club  Deltona Middle                                      CI732-101 CI732-101 Culinary Club A club that teaches cooking techniques, food presentation and food service. Meets after school 1 - 2 days per week. Wynne,Danielle All NA 8/20/2018 $25.00
DMS  Friday Spirit Tee  Deltona Middle                                      CI732-61 CI732-61 DMS Friday Spirit Tee Show your Charger spirit on Friday and wear a DMS spirit shirt. Your child will be called to the front office to get the spirit tee. Hall,Cheryl All NA 8/10/2018 $10.00
DMS House Tee  Deltona Middle                                      CI732-97 CI732-97 DMS House Tee Wear your house tee on Fridays or special, designated school days. Earn points and support your house! Your child will be called to the media center to receive their house tee. Baker,Carri All NA 8/10/2018 $10.00
DMS Monogramed Uniform Polo  Deltona Middle                                      CI732-57 CI732-57 DMS Monogramed Uniform Polo Blue and black dry blend, 50% cotton/50% polyester polo uniform shirt. Available in small, medium and large sizes. Includes the monogrammed school name. Your child will be called to the front office to receive their monogrammed polo shirt. Hall,Cheryl N/A NA 8/10/2018 $15.00
FFA Barn Fee - Yearly Fee  Deltona Middle                                      CI732-38 CI732-38 FFA Barn Fee - Yearly Fee Pens for market animals at the school barn. Payments are due September 1st for a fall animals and by February 3rd for Spring animals. Plante,Kaitlin N/A Agriscience 6/25/2018 $30.00
FFA Membership  Deltona Middle                                      CI732-100 CI732-100 FFA Membership FFA membership covers local, state and national dues for the FFA organization. Tee shirts are included in this fee. Plante,Kaitlin All NA 8/10/2018 $25.00
Hall Locker/Lock Rental  Deltona Middle                                      CI732-9 CI732-9 Hall Locker/Lock Rental Rent a hallway locker for the school year. A campus advisor will come to one of your classes to give you your locker assignment. Hall,Cheryl 07 NA NA $10.00
Maker Fair Orlando  Deltona Middle                                      CI732-109 CI732-109 Maker Fair Orlando This is a fieldtrip to Maker Fair in Orlando. Naylon,Tanya All NA 10/1/2018 $15.00
Orchestra, Guitar & Key Board Fair Share Fee  Deltona Middle                                      CI732-102 CI732-102 Orchestra, Guitar & Key Board Fair Share Fee The fair share fee covers music, instrument repairs and other supplies.. Brown,Caitlin All NA 8/20/2018 $20.00
Show Choir Fee  Deltona Middle                                      CI732-107 CI732-107 Show Choir Fee This fee covers the cost for a show choir dress and shoes. Anderson,Jonathan All NA 9/11/2018 $25.00
Tenor Sax, Serial Number 1133188, $200.00, Ivy Stu  Deltona Middle                                      CI732-VAR3                             CI732-VAR3 Tenor Sax, Serial Number 1133188, $200.00, Ivy Stu Tenor Sax, Serial Number 1133188, $200.00, Ivy Stu, of Deltona Middle NA NA NA NA $0.00
UCF Fieldtrip  Deltona Middle                                      CI732-110 CI732-110 UCF Fieldtrip A fieldtrip to the University of Central Florida to participate in STEM activities. Naylon,Tanya All NA 10/11/2018 $28.88
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