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8th Grade Spirit Shirts CI701-VAR16 CI701-VAR16 8th Grade Spirit Shirts Spirit t-shirts are available for 8th grade students at the school store. Price is $10.00 for S - XL. 2XL for $12.00 3XL for $13.00 Please enter size in Notes when making payment. Tax is included. 0010b00002HJVt2AAH:Galaxy Middle VARIABLE Dunbar,Kristen N/A NA NA $0.00
ART CI701-54 CI701-54 ART Fee includes materials and supplies for Artwork. 0010b00002HJVt2AAH:Galaxy Middle FIXED Tatum,Kristen All NA 8/14/2018 $5.00
Art Club CI701-VAR12 CI701-VAR12 Art Club Dues will help pay for supplies for upcoming Art Club projects. 0010b00002HJVt2AAH:Galaxy Middle VARIABLE Tatum,Kristen N/A NA NA $0.00
BAND CI701-26 CI701-26 BAND Fee will include Band t-shirt that is part of required concert attire. Sizes available are Youth M - Adult XXL. Please enter size in notes. 0010b00002HJVt2AAH:Galaxy Middle FIXED Erath,James N/A NA 8/14/2017 $20.00
Band - Instrument Rental CI701-VAR11 CI701-VAR11 Band - Instrument Rental Fees for renting school owned instrument. Tax included. 0010b00002HJVt2AAH:Galaxy Middle VARIABLE Erath,James N/A NA NA $0.00
CHORUS CI701-10 CI701-10 CHORUS Fee will include Chorus T-shirt (required concert attire). Sizes include Youth Med - Adult XXXL. Please write your size selection in NOTES when paying. Sales tax included. 0010b00002HJVt2AAH:Galaxy Middle FIXED Wade,Sharon N/A NA 8/14/2017 $25.00
GALAXY YEARBOOK 2018-2019 Students CI701-47 CI701-47 GALAXY YEARBOOK 2020-2021 Don't miss your chance to own the 2020-2021 yearbook. Order now and books will be distributed at the end of the school year. 0010b00002HJVt2AAH:Galaxy Middle FIXED Krob,April All NA 8/15/2018 $35.00
Avanced PIANO CI701-49 CI701-49 PIANO Includes T-shirt, sizes are from Youth Med. - Adult XXXL. Please write your size selection in NOTES when paying. Includes sales tax. 0010b00002HJVt2AAH:Galaxy Middle FIXED Wade,Sharon N/A NA 8/14/2017 $20.00
Sciene Olympiad Dues CI701-136 CI701-136 Sciene Olympiad Dues Dues will pay for materials, supplies, and registrations for Science Olympiad. 0010b00002HJVt2AAH:Galaxy Middle FIXED Innes,Brian All NA 8/16/2018 $40.00
STEM Donations CI701-VAR13 CI701-VAR13 STEM Donations Donations will be used to purchase materials that will allow us to build and supply our program. We will be making purchases such as wood, hardware, paper supplies, printer materials, miscellaneous materials, etc. 0010b00002HJVt2AAH:Galaxy Middle VARIABLE DeRosier,Chris N/A NA NA $0.00
STEM Fees SY 20-21 CI701-134 CI701-134 STEM Fees SY 20-21 Fee is for consumable and non-consumable supplies for STEM labs. 0010b00002HJVt2AAH:Galaxy Middle FIXED DeRosier,Chris All NA 8/14/2018 $25.00
Student 1:1 Device Repair Fees CI701-VAR15 CI701-VAR15 Student 1:1 Device Repair Fees Fees for Lost or Damaged Laptops 1:1 0010b00002HJVt2AAH:Galaxy Middle VARIABLE DeRosier,Chris N/A NA NA $0.00
Student ID - Replacement CI701-137 CI701-137 Student ID - Replacement ID badges are part of the required dress code. Initial badges are no charge. Replacement badges are $5.00 and are located in the Media Center. Please enter student name in NOTES. 0010b00002HJVt2AAH:Galaxy Middle FIXED Barbee,Lisa N/A NA NA $5.00
Textbooks - Lost and/or Damaged CI701-VAR14 CI701-VAR14 Textbooks - Lost and/or Damaged Prices will be given to students/parents. Please notate the name of the book in the notes when making payment. Thank you. 0010b00002HJVt2AAH:Galaxy Middle VARIABLE Barbee,Lisa N/A NA NA $0.00
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