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Public Records Credit Card Payments CI002-VAR3 CI002-VAR3 Public Records Credit Card Payments Deposit and/or balance payment for Public Records Request 0010b00002XzGQrAAN:Community VARIABLE Carpenter,Tracy N/A NA NA $0.00
Transcript Fee CI002-28 CI002-28 Transcript Fee Price is for one (1) copy only. If you need more than one copy, simply choose this item from the list again. Please note that this service charges a 4% handling fee ($.04). 0010b00002XzGQrAAN:Community FIXED Skipper,Teresa N/A NA NA $1.00
Volunteer Fingerprinting CI002-27 CI002-27 Volunteer Fingerprinting Renewal Renewal fee is paid to the FDLE VECHS Program to retain fingerprints. Renewals paid prior to the expiration date will extend approval to serve as an overnight chaperone and/or band adjunct. Approvals are valid for one year. If the renewal is not paid prior to the expiration date, and the volunteer wishes to retain approved status, they must be re-fingerprinted and pay the initial fingerprinting cost again. 0010b00002XzGQrAAN:Community FIXED Wait,Nancy N/A NA NA $6.00
Web Advertising CI002-VAR2 CI002-VAR2 Web Advertising * Guaranteed Minimum Views per school month * Buy 10 consecutive months and get 2 months free * Advertiser to provide web ads in the specified sizes * Ads will run for the entire contract period - even after you reach your guaranteed view limit * Includes district home, staff, parent, student & community web pages, and mobile site * Ads must be pre-approved by the school district * All rates are net and subject to change * Please note that this service charges a 4% handling 0010b00002XzGQrAAN:Community VARIABLE Amy,Kelly N/A NA NA $0.00
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