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MyPGS Access Fee CI002-25 CI002-25 MyPGS Access Fee For non-employees (retirees, private school teachers, out of state teachers) with a Florida teaching certificate who want access to MyPGS to maintain in-service points. Pre-requisite: please turn in your Application for Professional Development Services to Sarah Dowdell ( before completing payment. The fee is $100 per renewal period (the renewal period of your FL teaching certificate). Dowdell,Sarah N/A NA 6/1/2019 $100.00
Public Records Credit Card Payments CI002-VAR3 CI002-VAR3 Public Records Credit Card Payments Deposit and/or balance payment for Public Records Request Carpenter,Tracy N/A NA NA $0.00
Transcript Fee CI002-10 CI002-10 Transcript Fee Price is for one (1) copy only. If you need more than one copy, simply choose this item from the list again. Please note that this service charges a 4% handling fee ($.04). Skipper,Teresa N/A NA NA $1.00
Web Advertising CI002-VAR2 CI002-VAR2 Web Advertising * Guaranteed Minimum Views per school month * Buy 10 consecutive months and get 2 months free * Advertiser to provide web ads in the specified sizes * Ads will run for the entire contract period - even after you reach your guaranteed view limit * Includes district home, staff, parent, student & community web pages, and mobile site * Ads must be pre-approved by the school district * All rates are net and subject to change * Please note that this service charges a 4% handling Amy,Kelly N/A NA NA $0.00
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