Killam Elementary

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Library- MLD DN132-854 DN132-854 Chromebook, IPAD, Dell, Lenovo replacement learning device Full Payment or partial payment of Chromebook, Keyboard, and cases for lost/damaged mobile learning device. Please list the name of your student on the purchase notes box. For more information please contact Annette Abadallah Librarian @473-2613 0010b00002HJJY3AAP:Killam Elementary FIXED Abdallah,Annette N/A N/A N/A $0.00
Kinder- Cap & Gown Package DN132-907 DN132-907 Kinder- Cap & Gown Package ( late payment) The students are almost completing their cornerstone year and graduation is upon us. To mark the end of this memorable year, we will be ordering caps and gowns. The package is $35.00. 0010b00002HJJY3AAP:Killam Elementary FIXED Garcia,Linda KG N/A N/A $35.00
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