Rocky River Elementary

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Diamond Del Gem Mining Field Trip BH064-101 BH064-101 Diamond Del Gem Mining Field Trip Diamond Del’s Gem Mining Adventure is The Field Trip That Comes To You! It is designed to create interest in the rock and mineral unit. Each student is guaranteed to find a fabulous gem collection featuring over 15 different gems and minerals from around the world. Participants view an educational DVD before the program begins. A color ID chart is also provided. 0010b00002HIsAvAAL:Rocky River Elementary FIXED Montalvo,Yselic 4th 4th grade 10/20/2023 $12.00
Why Not An American Ark Petting Zoo BH064-100 BH064-100 Why Not An American Ark Petting Zoo Two by Two has a large variety of animals. We include the smaller and younger animals in a hands-on program. Interaction with animals is allowed and encouraged. It is a tremendous learning experience to touch, feel, feed, and interact with the animals. We accomplish this on a guided walking tour through the different groups of animals. The WNAAA tour guides share facts about the animals, their care, and their native habitats. We also offer a self-guided tour for those who prefer to walk at their own pace. 0010b00002HIsAvAAL:Rocky River Elementary FIXED Bausinger,Sonya 1st N/A N/A $15.00
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