Cuthbertson High School

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Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
"Cuth Crazies" - Student Section T-Shirts (All) BH008-308 BH008-308 "Cuth Crazies" - Student Section T-Shirts (All) Wear a Student Section T-Shirt to any Winter sports game and entrance fee is FREE! Blackwell,James N/A NA 11/28/2018 $25.00
3rd Annual CHS Grinch 5k  Cuthbertson High School BH008-235 BH008-235 3rd Annual CHS Grinch 5k Annual 5k Family Gallop at CHS Stadium. Allen,Dustin N/A NA 12/15/2018 $30.00
Bridge the Gap Club BH008-296 BH008-296 Bridge the Gap Club Dues for Bridge the Gap club Dawn,Kracker N/A NA 11/7/2018 $25.00
Cavs for a Cure - Annual Dues  Cuthbertson High School BH008-248 BH008-248 Cavs for a Cure - Annual Dues Annual dues for Cavs for a Cure Marchand,Jessica N/A NA 9/11/2018 $25.00
CHS DECA BH008-238 BH008-238 CHS DECA Club Membership (State/National Fees, 1st Competition Costs, Shirt) Hicks,Michael N/A NA 8/27/2018 $35.00
CHS DECA Professional/Alumni Members BH008-279 BH008-279 CHS DECA Professional/Alumni Members Dues Dues for professional or alumni DECA members. Hicks,Michael N/A NA 10/18/2018 $20.00
FFA Dues  Cuthbertson High School BH008-239 BH008-239 FFA Dues Annual FFA Dues Shumate,Ben N/A NA 8/27/2018 $15.00
Film Club Dues BH008-281 BH008-281 Film Club Dues Dues for Film Club Kohlbrenner,Thomas N/A NA 10/23/2018 $25.00
Film Club with FBLA Dues BH008-282 BH008-282 Film Club with FBLA Dues Film Club with FBLA dues. Kohlbrenner,Thomas N/A NA 10/23/2018 $37.00
Laptop Fees - Previous year  Cuthbertson High School BH008-249 BH008-249 Laptop Fees - Previous year Previous year laptop fees - Please pay one year at a time. Willams,Rita N/A NA 9/11/2018 $25.00
Laptop Repairs, Replacement laptop, or Charger  Cuthbertson High School BH008-VAR3 BH008-VAR3 Laptop Repairs, Replacement laptop, or Charger Laptop Repairs, Replacement laptop or Charger Willams,Rita N/A NA 8/29/2018 $0.00
Library  Cuthbertson High School BH008-VAR2 BH008-VAR2 Library Book Fines Tautfest,Paula N/A NA 8/29/2018 $0.00
National Honor Society - 2018-19 BH008-275 BH008-275 National Honor Society - 2018-19 Dues for 2018-19 National Honor Society (11th & 12th Grades) Wells-Lewis,Jennifer N/A NA 10/12/2018 $45.00
PAW Club BH008-314 BH008-314 PAW Club (All) PAW Club Dues & T-Shirts Githmark,Amy N/A NA 12/11/2018 $0.00
Science National Honor Society (All) BH008-299 BH008-299 Science National Honor Society (All) Science National Honor Society (All) Hammersmith,Alissa N/A NA 11/7/2018 $0.00
Science Olympiad BH008-289 BH008-289 Science Olympiad Dues Dues for Science Olympiad Wells-Lewis,Jennifer N/A NA 11/1/2018 $35.00
Small Stars Dance Clinic BH008-309 BH008-309 Small Stars Dance Clinic - January 12 3rd Annual Small Stars Dance Clinic – January 12th. Calling all K-5th grade dancers! Come dance with the Cavalettes and perform at a CHS varsity basketball game! Oswald,Whitney All NA 12/1/2018 $30.00
Spanish Club Dues  Cuthbertson High School BH008-257 BH008-257 Spanish Club Dues Spanish Club Dues Bailey,Janeva N/A NA 9/18/2018 $20.00
Transcripts  Cuthbertson High School BH008-240 BH008-240 Transcripts Student Transcripts Agnes,McAleer N/A NA 8/29/2018 $3.00
Tri-M Dues  Cuthbertson High School BH008-261 BH008-261 Tri-M Dues Annual dues for Tri-M Club Ebert,Todd N/A NA NA $10.00
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