Kings Fork High

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Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
AP Test FF395-14 FF395-14 AP Test Advance Placement test Haskins,Courtney N/A NA NA $94.00
Freshmen Dues FF395-12 FF395-12 Freshmen Dues Freshmen class dues, class of 2023 Smith,Monica 9th NA NA $25.00
Junior dues - Class of 2021 FF395-6 FF395-6 Junior dues - Class of 2021 Junior class dues Criner,Sharon 11th NA NA $40.00
PSAT Test FF395-22 FF395-22 PSAT Test PSAT test for 9th and 11th graders Haskins,Courtney N/A NA NA $17.00
Yearbooks 2019-2020 FF395-3 FF395-3 Yearbooks 2019-2020 Yearbook sales for school year 2019-2020 Starling,Lori N/A NA NA $65.00
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