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Advanced Placement FF300-25 FF300-25 Advanced Placement Government,History, Psychology-Madden Calculus,Computer Science-Mogren McGee-Biology (payment has to be for each test)-paid by subject USHistory-Waller Literature-Robinson Chemistry-Jacobs Language-Boone-Hurdle 0010b00002HJJ0TAAX:Lakeland FIXED Gregg,Latoya N/A NA NA $95.00
Dual Credit FF300-26 FF300-26 Dual Credit 2nd semester tuition due-$75.00 per course 0010b00002HJJ0TAAX:Lakeland FIXED Williams,Sheila N/A NA NA $75.00
Lost or Damaged Chromebook/Charger FF300-VAR1 FF300-VAR1 Lost or Damaged Chromebook/Charger Lost or Damaged Chromebook/Charger 0010b00002HJJ0TAAX:Lakeland VARIABLE Smither,Donna N/A NA NA $0.00
Lost or damaged library books FF300-VAR2 FF300-VAR2 Lost or damaged library books Lost or damaged library books 0010b00002HJJ0TAAX:Lakeland VARIABLE Smither,Donna All NA NA $0.00
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