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SelectImage Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
**Dual Enrollment One Semester Only ** FF240-64 FF240-64 **2021-2022 Dual Enrollment One Semester Only ** Pay for your dual credit classes. Please specify which class you are taking when checking out. If taking more than one class please add quantity to the cart and list classes taking. 0010b00002HJJ0UAAX:Nansemond River FIXED Cruey,Mary-Linda N/A NA NA $67.50
AP Courses FF240-22 FF240-73 AP Calculus BC Advanced Placement Calculus BC 0010b00002HJJ0UAAX:Nansemond River FIXED Lascano,Darlene N/A NA NA $96.00
AP Courses FF240-22 FF240-22 AP Courses ****Stop if you would like to apply for a fee waiver. Email for instructions. *****Please select course in dropdown menu. 0010b00002HJJ0UAAX:Nansemond River FIXED Lascano,Darlene N/A NA NA $96.00
Dawson Strong Donations FF240-VAR15 FF240-VAR15 Dawson Strong Donations Any amount of donation is accepted and will be donated in honor of Dawson Feldt to Krabbe Connect. 0010b00002HJJ0UAAX:Nansemond River VARIABLE Feldt,Cassidy N/A NA NA $0.00
CHROMEBOOKS FF240-76 FF240-76 Electronic Devices Please select from the drop-down menu the issue you are having with your Chromebook, lost or damaged Kajeet/Alcatel Hotspot. 0010b00002HJJ0UAAX:Nansemond River FIXED Patterson,Anna N/A NA NA $100.00
FBLA Dues FF240-80 FF240-80 FBLA Dues Annual membership dues 0010b00002HJJ0UAAX:Nansemond River FIXED Nowak,Steven N/A NA NA $15.00
Football Donations FF240-VAR18 FF240-VAR18 Football Donations Donations to help of amazing football team. Donations will help with the cost of pregame meals and other needs as they arrise. 0010b00002HJJ0UAAX:Nansemond River VARIABLE Ricks,Alonzo N/A NA NA $0.00
JROTC Activity Fee FF240-35 FF240-35 JROTC Activity Fee 25.00 of fees goes to dry cleaning, 15.00 goes to cadets meals during field trips. The remainder helps after-school programs, charity fundraising (marketing), ceremony refreshments, cadet awards, competition fees, bottled water, and field trip meals. 0010b00002HJJ0UAAX:Nansemond River FIXED Hedger,David N/A NA NA $50.00
Lost Library Books FF240-VAR1 FF240-VAR1 Lost or Damaged Library Books Lost library books 0010b00002HJJ0UAAX:Nansemond River VARIABLE Patterson,Anna N/A NA NA $0.00
MMW Band Dues FF240-VAR4 FF240-VAR4 MMW Band Dues Dues for marching band students. 0010b00002HJJ0UAAX:Nansemond River VARIABLE Woodis,Edward N/A NA NA $0.00
NRHS Custom Face Mask FF240-81 FF240-81 NRHS Custom Face Mask NRHS Custom Face Mask 0010b00002HJJ0UAAX:Nansemond River FIXED Gonzalez,Jessica N/A NA NA $5.00
Senior Dues FF240-3 FF240-3 Senior Dues Class of 2022 Senior Dues 0010b00002HJJ0UAAX:Nansemond River FIXED Gonzalez,Jessica All NA NA $40.00
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