Plaisance Middle

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Select Image Number Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
Archery Club KJ055-71 KJ055-71 Archery Club Archery Club Dues and Shirt-gr. 5-8 :Plaisance Middle FIXED Williams,Chasity N/A N/A 1/17/2023 $60.00
Basketball Fee KJ055-44 KJ055-44 Basketball Fee Annual Basketball Fee for all basketball team players! :Plaisance Middle FIXED Davis,Dustin N/A Basketball Fees 8/1/2022 $30.00
Courtesy Club KJ055-66 KJ055-66 Courtesy Club Staff Courtesy Dues :Plaisance Middle FIXED Roberts,Winona N/A N/A N/A $30.00
Football Fee KJ055-43 KJ055-43 Football Fee Annual football fee for football players! :Plaisance Middle FIXED Davis,Dustin All Football Fee 8/1/2022 $40.00
Registration Fee 2023-2024 KJ055-73 KJ055-73 Registration Fee 2023-2024 School ID $ 5.00 Planner $ 5.00 Printing Supplies/Mail /Communication $20.00 :Plaisance Middle FIXED Williams,Chasity All N/A 8/1/2022 $30.00
Technology Equipment Insurance 2023-2024 KJ055-72 KJ055-72 Technology Equipment Insurance 2023-2024 Insurance Fee on Chromebook and hot spot. This fee is non refundable. :Plaisance Middle FIXED Williams,Chasity All Technology Fee 8/1/2022 $10.00
Volleyball Fee KJ055-40 KJ055-40 Volleyball Fee All volleyball team players must pay an annual Volleyball Team Fee! :Plaisance Middle FIXED Batiste jr.,Raymond All Volleyball Club 7/25/2022 $40.00
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