This secure service allows parents/guardians, students and staff, to pay for school activities and events, field trips, fundraisers and other items using a credit card/debit card (Visa, MasterCard).

Where a Student ID is required, please use your Ouachita Parish School Student ID. To find your school student ID, please refer to your Student Report Card, Student ID Card, ask your student or contact the school main office.

Effective as of August 1, 2018 a $1.00 + 2.00% transaction fee will be added to the total purchase.

Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
AG Fee FE032-45 FE032-45 AG Fee AG Fee will be used for construction materials and educational supplies for building projects and classroom learning. Polk,Luke All NA 8/13/2018 $20.00
Anders Biology Lab Fee FE032-40 FE032-40 Anders Biology 1 Lab Fee Lab Fee is used for the purchase of experiment supplies,dissection specimens ,and related materials Anders,Lynne All NA 8/13/2018 $10.00
Anders- Forensic Science FE032-77 FE032-77 Anders- Forensic Science Fee will cover supplies for experiments Anders,Lynne All NA NA $15.00
Art FE032-33 FE032-33 Art Reitzell Fee for Art Supplies Reitzell,Leah All NA NA $20.00
Boys PE FE032-39 FE032-39 Boys PE PE FEE Shirt $7.50 Shorts $7.50 Locker $5.00 Sims,Mark All NA 8/12/2018 $20.00
Class Fees-School wide FE032-76 FE032-76 Class Fees-School wide Fees are used for any classroom supplies and class workbooks Crain,Lori All NA 7/22/2019 $50.00
Girls Basketball Fee FE032-62 FE032-62 Girls Basketball Fee Girls Basketball Fee- This fee will go to game shoes, socks, and travel gear. Oliphant,Caroline All NA 9/13/2018 $125.00
Girls PE FE032-38 FE032-38 Girls PE PE FEE Shirt $7.50 Shorts $7.50 Lock $5.00 Hickman,Jennifer All NA 8/12/2018 $20.00
Health / Risser FE032-50 FE032-50 Health / Risser Heart Saver or BLS Risser,Tracy All NA 8/13/2018 $5.00
Pierce Science Fee FE032-47 FE032-47 Pierce Science ( Bio /Chemistry) Lab Fee will be used to purchase supplies and chemicals for class. Pierce,Brandon All NA 8/13/2018 $10.00
Pierce Spanish Workbook FE032-44 FE032-44 Pierce Spanish Workbook Students must purchase a workbook for Spanish. The workbook will be used for Spanish 1 and 2. Pierce,Karla All NA 8/13/2018 $15.00
Robotics Fee FE032-79 FE032-79 Robotics Fee Robotics Fee will be used to purchase robot kits and parts. Pierce,Brandon All NA NA $25.00
Sanders/ Science (Bio 1 /Bio 2) FE032-78 FE032-78 Sanders/ Science (Bio 1 /Bio 2) Fee is used for lab supplies, equipment, and dissection specimens Sanders,Elizabeth All NA NA $15.00
Schoolwide Parking Decal FE032-31 FE032-31 Schoolwide Parking Decal Parking Decal for all Student Vehicles Mansfield,Gerry All NA NA $10.00
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