This secure service allows parents/guardians, students and staff, to pay for school activities and events, field trips, fundraisers and other items using a credit card/debit card (Visa, MasterCard).

Where a Student ID is required, please use your Ouachita Parish School Student ID. To find your school student ID, please refer to your Student Report Card, Student ID Card, ask your student or contact the school main office.

Effective as of August 1, 2018 a $1.00 + 2.00% transaction fee will be added to the total purchase.

Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
2019 HOMECOMING TICKETS FE019-102 FE019-102 2019 HOMECOMING TICKETS Tickets are $25.00 each. Tickets purchased before September 16th will receive a T-Shirt. Please include your size in comment note box below. ***PARENTS / STUDENTS PLEASE READ*** NO REFUNDS on tickets purchased if you have not paid your $30.00 school fee!!! Non-Student form must be submitted ( if applicable ) Coleman,Amber N/A NA NA $25.00
2018-2019 SCHOOL FEES FE019-12 FE019-12 2019-2020 SCHOOL FEES $30.00 Student School Fees O'Neal,Debbie All NA 8/3/2019 $30.00
2020 Yearbook FE019-91 FE019-91 2020 Yearbook 2020 Yearbook with no extras. Any extras will need to be ordered through JOSTENS at www.jostens.com NO CASH OR CHECK SALES Whorton,James N/A NA NA $65.00
Algebra I - Wendy Waller FE019-100 FE019-100 Algebra I - Wendy Waller Fee includes class supplies, Kleenex, Clorox wipes, posit it notes, markets etc. Waller,Wendy N/A NA NA $3.00
AP English III Exam Test FE019-83 FE019-83 AP English III Exam Test AP Test fee ferguson,reeser N/A NA NA $53.00
AP Government Class Fee - S Jones FE019-63 FE019-63 AP Government Class Fee - S Jones Fee covers; ap test fee Jones,Sam All NA 8/8/2019 $53.00
AP Human Geography - D. Lopez FE019-109 FE019-109 AP Human Geography - D. Lopez Fee covers AP TEST Lopez,Derek N/A NA NA $53.00
Ap Human Geography - j Jenkins FE019-98 FE019-98 Ap Human Geography - j Jenkins Fee covers AP exam Jenkins,Josh N/A NA NA $53.00
Art Fee- C Clark FE019-22 FE019-22 Art 1 Fee- C Clark Art fee includes; paint, canvas, clay, brushes, etc Clark,Caleb All NA 8/8/2019 $35.00
ART FEE - D. HARRISON FE019-15 FE019-15 ART FEE - D. HARRISON Art fee includes; paint, paint brushes, canvases, etc. Harrison,Denise All NA 8/12/2019 $35.00
ART II - C Clark FE019-101 FE019-101 ART II - C Clark Fee includes drawing, painting, printing and sculpting supplies Clark,Caleb N/A NA NA $40.00
Band FE019-45 FE019-45 Band Membership fee includes; Polos / T-shirts, show music for marching/concerts, supplies, instrument maintenance/repairs Hodge,James All NA 8/13/2019 $100.00
BIOLOGY II  - E. SANDERS FE019-29 FE019-29 BIOLOGY I - B. Jenkins Fees include; lab/cleaning supplies, dissection materials and specimens. Jenkins,brian All NA 8/13/2019 $10.00
Biology I - C Phillips FE019-73 FE019-73 Biology I - C Phillips Lab fee include; materials for lab and projects Phillips,Chelsey N/A NA NA $10.00
Biology I - G. Tumey FE019-81 FE019-81 Biology I - G. Tumey Fee includes class materials, experiments and dissection specimens Gabriel,Tumey N/A NA NA $10.00
Biology I GT - Phillips FE019-72 FE019-72 Biology I GT - Phillips Fees include project and lab supplies Phillips,Chelsey N/A NA NA $15.00
Biology I Pre AP - M. Smith FE019-55 FE019-55 Biology II - M. Smith fees include; class / experiment materials and dissection specimens. Regular Biology II Smith,Morgan All NA 8/8/2019 $20.00
Biology II - C Phillips FE019-108 FE019-108 Biology II - C Phillips Lab fee include; materials for lab and projects. End of year dissections Phillips,Chelsey N/A NA NA $20.00
BIOLOGY II AP - E. SANDERS FE019-30 FE019-30 BIOLOGY II AP - M. Smith Fees include; lab equipment, lab / cleaning supplies and AP EXAM fee Smith,Morgan All NA 8/13/2019 $75.00
Boys Basketball FE019-70 FE019-70 Boys Basketball Fee for Basketball shoes Madison,Jeremy N/A NA NA $100.00
BOYS PE FE019-20 FE019-20 BOYS PE Fee covers PE Uniform Madison,Jeremy All NA 8/13/2019 $20.00
BOYS SOCCER FEE FE019-35 FE019-35 BOYS SOCCER FEE Soccer fee includes; travel, lodging, meals and practice shirts. Artique,Nick All NA 8/13/2019 $200.00
Business Class Fee - Z. Moore FE019-34 FE019-34 Business Class Fee - Z. Moore Fee covers printer ink and paper Moore,Zuleika All NA 8/13/2019 $5.00
CALCULATOR FEE -TATUM FE019-19 FE019-19 CALCULATOR FEE -TATUM Fee includes; Rental of TI-84 t calculator. Required for Alg 2 Pre AP. Students are allowed to take a TI-84 t calculator home for the school year to use on homework and ACT. Tatum,Lawrence All NA 8/13/2019 $18.63
Chemistry - T. Gilmore FE019-52 FE019-52 Chemistry - T. Gilmore Fee includes supplies for various experiments throughout the year. Gilmore,Tyler All NA 8/13/2019 $10.00
Chemistry I - E. Hall FE019-51 FE019-51 Chemistry I - E. Hall Fees cover all lab supplies Hall,Ed All NA 8/13/2019 $10.00
Chemistry II - E. Hall FE019-50 FE019-50 Chemistry II - E. Hall Fees cover all lab and activity materials Hall,Ed All NA 8/13/2019 $15.00
Child Development Class Fee FE019-61 FE019-61 Child Development Class Fee Fee includes; folders, dividers, scissors and various other supplies used for class projects during the school year. Long,Beth All NA 8/13/2019 $20.00
Choir - K. Cordova FE019-24 FE019-24 Choir - K. Cordova Choir fees include; classroom supplies, shirt, bus and camp fee Cordova,Kathy All NA 8/13/2019 $50.00
Color Guard / Flags FE019-47 FE019-47 Color Guard / Flags Membership fee includes; Polo shirts, flags, silks, weights and general maintenance of equipment. bass,brian All NA 8/13/2019 $100.00
Customer Service Class Fee FE019-62 FE019-62 Customer Service Class Fee Fee includes; folders, dividers, and various other supplies used for class projects. Long,Beth All NA 8/13/2019 $5.00
Cyber Literacy FE019-66 FE019-66 Cyber Literacy Fees include; parts and batteries for robotics course Ryan,Jordan All NA 8/10/2019 $15.00
English AP Test FE019-106 FE019-106 English AP Test Fee includes Ap Test Monica,Cagle N/A NA NA $53.00
FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCE FE019-16 FE019-16 FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCE Fees will cover all materials needed for sewing projects, craft supplies, food and plastic bags. Kandice,Lockwood All NA 8/13/2019 $20.00
FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCE FE019-96 FE019-96 FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCE Fee includes class supplies such as food for labs, fabric thread, etc. Kandice,Lockwood N/A NA NA $20.00
AGRISCIENCE - D. MCBRIDE- T. GUILLOT FE019-37 FE019-37 FFA- D. MCBRIDE- T. GUILLOT Ag/FFA lab fee includes FFA membership and shop supplies. McBride,Dan All NA 8/13/2019 $20.00
First Responder - M. Smith FE019-99 FE019-99 First Responder - M. Smith Fees include; first aid supplies and CPR cards Smith,Morgan All NA 8/13/2018 $20.00
Full Page Student Yearbook AD FE019-92 FE019-92 Full Page Student Yearbook AD Buy a full page student recognition yearbook ad. You may include up to 7 photos and a short message of your choice. Get photos and message to Mr. Whorton in Room #120 either by Student, mail or email (whorton@opsb.net) by Dec. 20th. Whorton,James N/A NA NA $160.00
Girls Basketball Fee FE019-105 FE019-105 Girls Basketball Fee Fee includes; basketball shoes, running shoes, nike bra, nike tights, and nike socks Amber,Ford N/A NA NA $230.00
Girls PE FE019-65 FE019-65 Girls PE PE fee includes; shirt and shorts Amber,Ford All NA 8/8/2019 $20.00
Girls Soccer Team FE019-59 FE019-59 Girls Soccer Team Team fee includes; 2019 - 2020 season expenses Jones,Sam All NA 8/13/2019 $200.00
Marketing Co-op FE019-104 FE019-104 Marketing Co-op Fee includes job training materials Moore,Zuleika N/A NA NA $20.00
MATH FEE - ELLERBE FE019-25 FE019-25 MATH FEE - ELLERBE Fee includes; pencils, colored pencils, erasers, germ x, glue sticks, loose leaf paper, etc. Ellerbe,Jennifer All NA 8/13/2019 $3.00
National Honor Society Dues FE019-107 FE019-107 National Honor Society Dues Yearly dues Monica,Cagle N/A NA NA $20.00
PARKING PERMITS FE019-38 FE019-38 PARKING PERMITS All Legal Driving Students at OPHS must purchase a $10.00 permit in order to drive/park on campus. Please see Mrs. Coleman with needed information: copy of Drivers License, model/make/color of vehicle, insurance company, 1st period/& 1st scheduled p Coleman,Amber All NA 8/13/2019 $10.00
Physical Science - K Huff FE019-27 FE019-27 Physical Science - K Huff Lab Fee includes; chemicals, safety supplies Huff,Kevin 9th NA 8/13/2019 $3.00
Physics Lab Fee FE019-97 FE019-97 Physics Lab Fee Fee includes class supplies such various experiments and projects throughout the year. Justus,Claire N/A NA NA $15.00
PIANO  - K. CORDOVA FE019-31 FE019-31 PIANO - K. CORDOVA Fees include; Piano 101 book. Student copy Cordova,Kathy All NA 8/13/2019 $30.00
Pre AP Chemistry - T Coble FE019-40 FE019-40 Pre AP Chemistry - T Coble Fees cover chemicals and lab supplies for projects. Coble,Todd All NA 8/13/2018 $10.00
Science Lab FE019-60 FE019-60 Science Lab Fee includes; lab and activities supplies George,Leigh All NA 8/13/2018 $3.00
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