McGavock High

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Activity No. Activity Name Teacher / Sponsor Grade Level Course / Class Activity Date Price
AR246-232 Freshman Incidental Payment Saint-Louis,Nadia 9th NA 7/26/2016 $10.00
Freshman incidental for academy field trip and field day.
AR246-233 Noel-Visual Arts Noel,Carrie All Visual Art I 8/6/2016 $10.00
Art supply incidental for Visual Arts I
AR246-234 Noel-Photography Noel,Carrie All Photography 8/6/2016 $20.00
Photography supply incidental for Ms. Noel's Photography class
AR246-235 Lightman-Physics Lab Incidental Lightman,Adam All Physics/Honors and AP Physics 8/6/2016 $10.00
Physics lab incidental to purchase equipment and consumables for class.
AR246-236 YOPP Chemistry lab funds Yopp,Caroline All Chemisty 8/9/2016 $10.00
Lab incidental for all of Ms. Yopp's chemistry classes.
AR246-237 SIMON - Art Incidental Simon,Jerri All Art I, Painting 8/9/2016 $20.00
Art incidental for Ms. Simon's Art I and Painting classes.
AR246-238 16/17 Senior Dues Hinchman,Stacey 12th Seniors Only 5/13/2016 $90.00
Senior Dues class of 2016/2017. Dues will increase after 9/30/16.