Shayne Elementary

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AR126-44 Mr. Ritchie Sci-Guys FT SY21-22 First Grade Science Guys on Campus Field Trips Conducted through the 2021-2022 School year for First Grade. 0010b00002HIqZJAA1:Shayne Elementary FIXED Watkins,Anna 1st NA NA $25.00
AR126-45 Mr. Ritchie Sci-Guys FT SY21-22 Kindergarten Mr. Ritchie on campus science field trips for the school year 2021-2022 for kindergarten 0010b00002HIqZJAA1:Shayne Elementary FIXED Watkins,Sheila Kindergarten NA NA $25.00
AR126-43 Mr. Ritchie Sci-Guys FT SY21-22 Third Grade On Campus Mr. Ritchie Science Guys Field Trip, School Year 2021-2022 for third grade students 0010b00002HIqZJAA1:Shayne Elementary FIXED Posada,Stephanie 3rd NA NA $10.00
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