Westland Middle School

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SelectImage Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/SponsorGradeCourse/ClassAct. Date Price
Choral Music Donations BY348-VAR2 BY348-VAR2 Choral Music Donations Donations help to pay for extras that make Westland's music programs top notch! 0010b00002HIscMAAT:Westland Middle VARIABLE Guerra,Christopher All NA NA $0.00
Donation - Westland Cares Pantry BY348-VAR10 BY348-VAR10 Donation - Westland Cares Pantry Thank you for your support of the Westland Cares Pantry! 0010b00002HIscMAAT:Westland Middle VARIABLE Marcou,Suzanne All NA 8/31/2021 $0.00
test donation BY348-VAR9 BY348-VAR9 Donation for Instrumental Music Department Thank you for your support of the Instrumental Music Department! 0010b00002HIscMAAT:Westland Middle VARIABLE Licare,Kristi All NA 8/31/2021 $0.00
Gr 8 Smokey Glen Farm Celebration **Donation** BY348-VAR16 BY348-VAR16 Gr 8 Smokey Glen Farm Celebration **Donation** If you're able to give, please consider a donation to help defray the cost of this field trip for Westland students experiencing financial challenges. Thank you! 0010b00002HIscMAAT:Westland Middle VARIABLE Marcou,Suzanne 08 NA 6/6/2022 $0.00
Gr 8 End of Year Day Out at Smokey Glen Farm BY348-288 BY348-288 Gr 8 Smokey Glen Farm End of Year Field Trip Celebration for Westland's 8th grade students on Monday, June 6th. 0010b00002HIscMAAT:Westland Middle FIXED Sierra,Christina 08 NA 6/6/2022 $46.00
Spring 22 Staff Spirit Wear BY348-VAR15 BY348-VAR15 Spring 22 Staff Spirit Wear Balance on Spirit Wear clothing 0010b00002HIscMAAT:Westland Middle VARIABLE Marcou,Suzanne N/A NA 5/2/2022 $0.00
Transcript Fee BY348-266 BY348-266 Transcript Fee Fee charged to process mailing of student transcript. 0010b00002HIscMAAT:Westland Middle FIXED Belott,Sally All NA NA $2.00
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