Online School Payments

Welcome to the Maryville City Schools Online School Payments (OSP) portal. This service is provided to parents to facilitate payment for school fees for the iReach Usage Charge, Adventure Club, non-resident tuition, and school fees for grades K-9. Direct questions to the district at 865-982-7121.
First time users need to setup your students in the gray tab above: Your Account | Student Profile. If you would like to use this service to pay for your iReach Usage Charge, please click here. If you would like to use this service to pay for your Non-resident Tuition, please click here. For Adventure Club payments, please click on the Pay Obligation tab above. Select your student, choose MCS Adventure Club as the school, and then choose the appropriate Adventure Club site under the drop-down menu for the Obligation Type. For school fee payments for grades K-9, please select your child’s school from the drop down selections above and then select the specific School Wide Fee.
A non-refundable 4.0% and $0.35 handling fee will be added to the payment amount for most payments, including Adventure Club, non-resident tuition, school based fees etc.. The fee is not collected by Maryville City Schools. It is collected by the site vendor for site maintenance and to pay for credit card company fees.

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