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DX305-21 *Renew: State Certs Exp. 2020&2021 (Add Student=Add Emp Info) *ONLY ONE* (1) $75.00 fee will renew all subjects and endorsements on your certificate. DO NOT PAY PER SUBJECT-- use employee name & number when prompted for student profile :Certification FIXED Instructional,Certification N/A Renew State Certificate 10/30/2017 $75.00
DX305-22 Add-On: Add NEW Subject/Endorsement to State Certificate Addition of a Subject Area or Endorsement to State Professional Certificate. (Fee is $75.00 for each subject area/endorsement being added).FEES ARE NON REFUNDABLE :Certification FIXED Instructional,Certification N/A Add-On to State Certification 11/1/2017 $75.00
DX305-27 District Issued Certificate Only: Adult or Vocational Fee for District Issued Adult or Vocational Certificates (Initial, Renewal, Add-On) -- Payment will not be processed until completed application is received. Part/Full-Time Adult (form # 5584) -- Professional or Part-time Vocational (form # 5585). Application fee is non-refundable. :Certification FIXED Instructional,Certification N/A District Adult or Vocational 11/1/2017 $75.00
DX305-23 Late Fee: (For state certs. that expired 2020) Late Fees must be added to transactions submitted after Dec. 31st for certificates that expired in 2020. Only for renewal of certificates within one (1) year of expiration. Fee is non-refundable. :Certification FIXED Instructional,Certification N/A Late Fee for State Renewals 11/1/2017 $30.00
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