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Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
Alumni Transcript Fee  Rock Ridge High School                              DB106-276 DB106-276 Alumni Transcript Fee Please, allow 3-5 business days for processing. Thank you Sanabria,Jackie All NA NA $5.00
Athletics-Season Passes 18-19  Rock Ridge High School                              DB106-297 DB106-297 Athletics-Season Passes 18-19 Season passes and Booster membership. mcnanley,patrick All NA NA $250.00
Behind The Wheel Program  Rock Ridge High School                              DB106-124 DB106-124 Behind The Wheel Program Road driving for students holding a valid permit with a driving instructor. Schmidt,Brian All NA NA $225.00
Boy Basketball Fundraiser! DB106-267 DB106-267 Boys Basketball Fundraiser! Boys Basketball Fundraiser for the 2018-2019 Season Geyer,Jason All NA 11/14/2018 $120.00
DECA & FBLA dues  Rock Ridge High School                              DB106-46 DB106-46 DECA & FBLA dues DECA & FBLA dues combined Tucker,Sandra All NA 8/24/2016 $50.00
DECA-Student Membership-Dues  Rock Ridge High School                              DB106-38 DB106-38 DECA-Student Membership-Dues Rock Ridge DECA Annual Student Membership Dues. Includes chapter T-Shirt. Tucker,Sandra All NA 8/8/2016 $30.00
Donate to IGEM  Rock Ridge High School                              DB106-314 DB106-314 Donate to IGEM Make our program better!

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Mario,Sasvedra All NA NA $0.00
Fashion Design and Merchandising  Rock Ridge High School                              DB106-320 DB106-320 Fashion Design and Merchandising Class fee Corry,Deborah All NA 8/28/2018 $20.00
FBLA-Club Dues  Rock Ridge High School                              DB106-224 DB106-224 FBLA-Club Dues Dues Cromwell,Roxana All NA NA $30.00
FBLA-Donate  Rock Ridge High School                              DB106-315 DB106-315 FBLA-Donate Help Support the Future Business Leaders Of American.

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Cromwell,Roxana All NA NA $0.00
Gourmet Foods Fee  Rock Ridge High School                              DB106-319 DB106-319 Gourmet Foods Fee Gourmet Foods - 1st semester portion Corry,Deborah All NA 8/28/2018 $20.00
Housing-Interior Design  Rock Ridge High School                              DB106-321 DB106-321 Housing-Interior Design Class fee Corry,Deborah All NA 8/28/2018 $5.00
National Honor Society  Rock Ridge High School                              DB106-106 DB106-106 National Honor Society Dues Pruitt,melissa All 11th & 12th Grades NA $20.00
Newspaper Donations  Rock Ridge High School                              DB106-324 DB106-324 Newspaper Donations Donations to Rock Ridge student newspaper, THE BLAZE Greiner,Katy All Newspaper I, II, III 9/26/2018 $20.00
Parking Pass for Students - Second Semester  Rock Ridge High School                              DB106-196 DB106-196 Parking Pass for Students - Second Semester Student parking fee for second Semester. Payment does not guarantee student a parking pass. All school parking requirements and applications are to be met prior to school extending parking privileges to the student. Harrison,Wayne All NA 8/4/2017 $100.00
PE Uniforms  Rock Ridge High School                              DB106-316 DB106-316 PE Uniforms Purchase PE Uniforms

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Mercil,Dianne All NA NA $0.00
SCHOOL STORE GIFT CERTIFICATE  Rock Ridge High School                              DB106-313 DB106-313 SCHOOL STORE GIFT CERTIFICATE Select to choose certificate amount. This certificate may be used for purchases in the school store.

If there is a balance of less than $5.00 on the certificate it will be paid out in cash to the student.

Gift Cert. Exp. June 1, 2019

Tucker,Sandra N/A NA NA $0.00
Senior Dues-Class of 2019  Rock Ridge High School                              DB106-260 DB106-260 Senior Dues-Class of 2019 Dues cover cap and gown, decorations, senior class shirt, senior breakfast and picnic, senior scholarship, and class gift. Fees do NOT cover the senior class trip or the All Night Grad Party. Averion,Reijoyce All NA 9/26/2018 $100.00
TSA  Rock Ridge High School                              DB106-210 DB106-210 TSA Dues King,Kevin All NA NA $30.00
Winter Athletic Fees DB106-182 DB106-182 Winter Athletic Fees Fee for participating in a high school sport. Payment should not occur prior to student athlete becoming a confirmed member of the team. Treon,Jason All NA 8/4/2017 $150.00
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