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BAND Rental Fee DB104-120 DB104-120 BAND Instrument Rental Fee The Band Instrument Rental Fee is for students playing large, school-owned instruments at TMS. We offer yearly rentals for bassoon, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, french horn, baritone and tuba. FIXED Robbins,Michelle All BAND 8/18/2020 $100.00
BASS Instrument Rental Fee DB104-119 DB104-119 BASS Instrument Rental Fee The BASS Instrument Rental Fee is for students playing the BASS at TMS. All other Stringed Instruments should be rented through local music shops. FIXED Riley,Adam All Orchestra 8/29/2021 $100.00
Chromebook Replacement Charger DB104-106 DB104-106 Chromebook Replacement Charger Lenovo 4510 Standard AC Adapter. Replacement Charger for Student Chromebooks. FIXED Bailey,Ed All Use With Student's Chromebook 4/19/2021 $20.00
Parent Liaison Fund DB104-VAR1 DB104-VAR1 Parent Liaison Fund Financially supports Trailside Families-in-Need. Donations to this Fund will help some students cover costs for special projects & activities throughout the school year, as managed by our Parent Liaison, Lisa Figueroa, to include, but not limited to a student's Club & Field Trip Fees, School Pictures, Holiday Assistance, Yearbooks & Summer CAMPS, etc... VARIABLE Figueroa,Lisa All Benefits TMS Students 7/15/2021 $0.00
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