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SelectImage Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/SponsorGradeCourse/ClassAct. Date Price
8th Grade ART Sketchbook DB104-123 DB104-123 8th Grade ART Sketchbook Purchase your Sax Blanc Sketchbook with a durable hardcover that features a white drawing surface that allows students to express their creativity inside and out! Interior pages of the book are stitched and adhesive bound. Each book contains 60 pages of 90 lb high-quality drawing paper. Ideal for use with all dry media and some lightly applied wet media. Measures 6-1/4 x 8-1/4 inches. Limited quantities available. 0010b00002HJGAbAAP:Trailside Middle School FIXED Shirk,Patience 8th 8th Grade ART 8/2/2021 $10.00
BAND Rental Fee DB104-120 DB104-120 BAND Instrument Rental Fee The Band Instrument Rental Fee is for students playing large, school-owned instruments at TMS. We offer yearly rentals for bassoon, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, french horn, baritone and tuba. 0010b00002HJGAbAAP:Trailside Middle School FIXED Robbins,Michelle All BAND 8/18/2020 $100.00
BASS Instrument Rental Fee DB104-119 DB104-119 BASS Instrument Rental Fee The BASS Instrument Rental Fee is for students playing the BASS at TMS. All other Stringed Instruments should be rented through local music shops. 0010b00002HJGAbAAP:Trailside Middle School FIXED Riley,Adam All Orchestra 8/29/2021 $100.00
Chromebook Replacement Charger DB104-106 DB104-106 Chromebook Replacement Charger Lenovo 4510 Standard AC Adapter. Replacement Charger for Student Chromebooks. 0010b00002HJGAbAAP:Trailside Middle School FIXED Bailey,Ed All Use With Student's Chromebook 4/19/2021 $20.00
Family & Consumer Science (FACS-8) DB104-126 DB104-126 Family & Consumer Science (FACS-8) This is the yearly Lab Fee for 8th Grade Family & Consumer Science, as required for students enrolled in FACS-8. The Classroom Fee will be used to purchase consumable items for Projects throughout the year. 0010b00002HJGAbAAP:Trailside Middle School FIXED Baron,Kathleen 8th FACS - 8 8/26/2021 $15.00
NJHS Membership Dues DB104-103 DB104-103 NJHS Membership Dues Traiilside Middle School's Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS). 0010b00002HJGAbAAP:Trailside Middle School FIXED Dolinich,Lisa 8th NJHS 1/24/2022 $30.00
Parent Liaison Fund DB104-VAR1 DB104-VAR1 Parent Liaison Fund Financially supports Trailside Families-in-Need. Donations to this Fund will help some students cover costs for special projects & activities throughout the school year, as managed by our Parent Liaison, Lisa Figueroa, to include, but not limited to a student's Club & Field Trip Fees, School Pictures, Holiday Assistance, Yearbooks & Summer CAMPS, etc... 0010b00002HJGAbAAP:Trailside Middle School VARIABLE Figueroa,Lisa All Benefits TMS Students 7/15/2021 $0.00
PE Uniforms DB104-140 DB104-140 PE Uniforms PRE-ORDER your TMS PE Uniform for the 2022-2023 School Year. T-Shirts & Shorts are available in ADULT Sizes only (Small through X-Large) and can be ordered either as a matched set or as separates, in the sizing of your choice. If you haven't already, be sure to complete the Google Form linked within this payment portal to Pre-Order the SIZES you prefer, as OSP accepts payment only. Your Pre-Order is complete ONLY when payment and PE Uniform Size information is received. 0010b00002HJGAbAAP:Trailside Middle School FIXED Group,Robert All Health/PE 1/17/2022 $8.75
Robotics DB104-127 DB104-127 Robotics This is the yearly Lab Fee for Robotics, as required for Students enrolled in this Class. The Classroom Fee will be used to purchase consumable items for Projects throughout the year. 0010b00002HJGAbAAP:Trailside Middle School FIXED Henline,John 8th Robotics 8/26/2021 $10.00
STAFF Trailmix Committee DB104-VAR2 DB104-VAR2 STAFF Trailmix Committee DUES TMS Staff Members ONLY - Join our Trailmix Committee. 0010b00002HJGAbAAP:Trailside Middle School VARIABLE Carlin,Colleen N/A Trailmix Committee 8/31/2021 $0.00
Tech Ed - 8 DB104-125 DB104-125 Tech Ed - 8 This is the yearly Lab Fee for Tech Ed-8, as required for ALL Students enrolled in this Class. The Classroom Fee will be used to purchase consumable items for Projects throughout the year. 0010b00002HJGAbAAP:Trailside Middle School FIXED Santos,Amy 8th Tech Ed - 8 8/26/2021 $15.00
Traveling To The Trail 2022 DB104-144 DB104-144 Traveling To The Trail 2022 For rising 6th Graders. This 4-Day CAMP introduces students to Middle School life, helping them learn everything they need to know to be successful in middle school. 3 CAMP Sessions will be offered: June 21st - 24th, MORNING SESSION ONLY from 8:30 - 11:30 a.m. OR Aug 1st - 4th, MORNING AND AFTERNOON SESSIONS from 8:30 - 11:30; 12:30 - 3:30 p.m. Please submit both Registration AND Payment to reserve your spot! 0010b00002HJGAbAAP:Trailside Middle School FIXED Hoyler,Matt 5th Summer CAMP 1/25/2022 $150.00
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