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Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
Alumni Transcript Fee DB099-120 DB099-120 Alumni Transcript Fee Transcript fee for Dominion High School alumni. Herbas,Viviana All NA NA $5.00
Athletic Season Pass - Student DB099-10 DB099-10 Athletic Season Pass - Student Good for One Student Athletic Season Pass - admission to all regular home games. Please email with name of passholder. Magill,TJ All NA 9/1/2016 $100.00
Band - Course Materials Fee DB099-228 DB099-228 Band - Course Materials Fee Fee for Concert Band courses, Jazz Ensemble and Instrumental Music Schiffler,Jonathan N/A NA NA $50.00
Band - Instrument Rental DB099-235 DB099-235 Band - Instrument Rental Instrument Rental Schiffler,Jonathan All NA NA $100.00
Band DREAM Program Donation DB099-VAR9 DB099-VAR9 Band DREAM Program Donation Donation to DREAM Program to help students pay Lesson fees Schiffler,Jonathan All NA NA $0.00
Band DREAM Program Lessons DB099-VAR8 DB099-VAR8 Band DREAM Program Lessons DREAM Program Lesson payments Schiffler,Jonathan All NA NA $0.00
Basketball Advertisement Program DB099-VAR12 DB099-VAR12 Basketball Advertisement Program Banner and Sponsorship Peters,Dwayne All NA NA $0.00
Choir - JMU Field Trip DB099-237 DB099-237 Choir - JMU Field Trip JMU Choralfest - Titan Singers only Nguyen,My-Van All NA NA $120.00
Choral Participation Fee DB099-236 DB099-236 Choral Participation Fee Fee for all choral ensembles Nguyen,My-Van All NA NA $40.00
Deficiency DB099-VAR5 DB099-VAR5 Deficiency General Deficiency - Please note what the payment is for (student, Library book, textbook, calculator, etc.) Pino,Patricia All NA NA $0.00
Family Athletic Pass DB099-150 DB099-150 Family Athletic Pass Please submit hard copy form to TJ Magill in the main office. Passes can be picked up in the main office or home games. Magill,TJ All NA 8/8/2018 $250.00
Global Ambassadors Club Dues DB099-253 DB099-253 Global Ambassadors Club Dues All club members must pay dues by November 15, 2019. Dues cover costs of a t-shirt and costs associated with the International Summit. Rodgers,Jennifer All NA NA $25.00
Gourmet Foods 36 week course lab fee DB099-240 DB099-240 Gourmet Foods 36 week course lab fee Year Long Gourmet Foods Wortman,Robin All NA NA $40.00
Graphic Design DB099-239 DB099-239 Graphic Design Fee to cover the cost of paper, ink and USBs Murphy,Elena All NA NA $5.00
Marching Band Final Payment DB099-230 DB099-230 Marching Band Final Payment 2019 Final Payment Schiffler,Jonathan All NA NA $225.00
NHS Dues DB099-244 DB099-244 NHS Dues NHS Dues Chuba,Tom 12th NA NA $20.00
Photo 1 Participation Fee DB099-238 DB099-238 Photo 1 Participation Fee Fee to cover the cost of film, chemicals and photo paper Freeman,Shannon All NA NA $25.00
Romania Summit 2020 1st payment DB099-265 DB099-265 Romania Summit 2020 1st payment 1st payment for the 2020 Romania Summit Lupas,Calin All NA NA $1,000.00
Romania Summit 2020 Payment #2 DB099-266 DB099-266 Romania Summit 2020 Payment #2 2nd and final payment for Romania Summit Lupas,Calin All NA NA $1,000.00
School Store Purchase DB099-VAR10 DB099-VAR10 School Store Purchase School Store Purchase Owens,Briana N/A NA NA $0.00
School Store Sales DB099-VAR11 DB099-VAR11 School Store Sales School Store Sale Owens,Briana N/A NA NA $0.00
Senior Dues Full Payment DB099-259 DB099-259 Senior Dues Full Payment Full Payment Senior Dues DeMott,Anthony 12th NA NA $175.00
Senior Dues Installment 1 DB099-256 DB099-256 Senior Dues Installment 1 1st of 3 installments for senior dues DeMott,Anthony N/A NA NA $60.00
2nd Installment Senior Dues DB099-257 DB099-257 Senior Dues Installment 2 2nd Installment Senior Dues DeMott,Anthony 12th NA NA $60.00
Senior Dues Installment 3 DB099-258 DB099-258 Senior Dues Installment 3 Final installment Senior Dues DeMott,Anthony 12th NA NA $55.00
Singapore/Cambodia trip Payment #1 DB099-251 DB099-251 Singapore/Cambodia trip Payment #1 First payment for Singapore trip Nguyen,My-Van All NA NA $1,000.00
Singapore/Cambodia Trip Payment #2 DB099-252 DB099-252 Singapore/Cambodia Trip Payment #2 Second payment for Singapore trip Nguyen,My-Van All NA NA $900.00
Ski Club Dues DB099-255 DB099-255 Ski Club Dues Cost of transportation and apparel for Dominion High School's Ski Club Windish,Lance All NA NA $150.00
South Africa Summit 2020 DB099-262 DB099-262 South Africa Summit 2020 Payment for the South Africa Summit McDermott,Kathy All NA NA $1,000.00
Spain 2020 Payment #2 DB099-264 DB099-264 Spain 2020 Payment #2 2nd and final payment for Spain field trip Lupas,Meda All NA NA $1,000.00
Spain Trip 2020 Payment 1 DB099-263 DB099-263 Spain Trip 2020 Payment 1 Payment 1 of 2 for Spain field trip Lupas,Meda All NA NA $1,000.00
Speech and Debate Dues DB099-243 DB099-243 Speech and Debate Dues Dues for participation and membership in NSDA Gusman,Sheryl All NA NA $175.00
Student Parking - Full Year DB099-223 DB099-223 Student Parking - Full Year Student parking fee for full year. Payment does not guarantee student a parking pass. All school parking requirements and applications are to be met prior to school extending parking privileges to the student. MacBeth,Timothy N/A NA NA $200.00
Sunshine Committee Dues DB099-11 DB099-11 Sunshine Committee Dues DHS Sunshine Committee purchases staff gifts for significant life events and hosts an end of year celebration at a reduced price. Vall,Regina N/A NA 9/1/2016 $25.00
Winter Athletic Fees DB099-68 DB099-68 Winter Athletic Fees Fee for participating in a high school sport. Payment should not occur prior to student athlete becoming a confirmed member of the team. Magill,TJ All NA 8/4/2017 $150.00
Winter/Spring Family Season Pass DB099-272 DB099-272 Winter/Spring Family Season Pass Winter/Spring Family Season Pass Magill,TJ All NA NA $175.00
Winter/Spring Season Student Pass DB099-273 DB099-273 Winter/Spring Season Individual Pass Individual Pass for Winter/Spring Season Magill,TJ All NA NA $75.00
World Language Honor Societies DB099-VAR6 DB099-VAR6 World Language Honor Societies This will be used for students to pay World Language (French, German, Latin & Spanish) dues and fees McDermott,Kathy N/A NA NA $0.00
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