Belmont Ridge Middle School

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Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
FACS - TEEN LIVING FEE  Belmont Ridge Middle School                         DB094-8 DB094-8 FACS - TEEN LIVING FEE LAB FEES FOR FOOD AND SEWING PROJECTS - 8th grade merritt,kelly All 8th grade Teen Living 7/30/2018 $15.00
GUITAR - T-SHIRT  Belmont Ridge Middle School                         DB094-83 DB094-83 GUITAR - T-SHIRT sizes have been determined in class - please pay for t-shirt here Edmondson,Jan N/A NA NA $15.00
Guitar 6 - Book 2  Belmont Ridge Middle School                         DB094-11 DB094-11 Guitar 6 - Book 2 Second Book for class Edmondson,Jan 6th Guitar 6 7/30/2018 $7.00
PE - SHORTS ONLY  Belmont Ridge Middle School                         DB094-47 DB094-47 PE - SHORTS ONLY This if for students that do not want the whole uniform. Size will be determined at pick up. Please bring receipt to PE teacher in class. Please note, if your student attended Bridge to the Ridge, the uniform was included in the price. White,Jennifer All NA 7/30/2018 $4.75
PE Uniform  Belmont Ridge Middle School                         DB094-36 DB094-36 PE Uniform one shirt (Youth S - Adult XL) and one pair of shorts (Youth med - Adult XL) STUDENT, PLEASE PRESENT RECEIPT TO PE TEACHER DURING CLASS TO GET UNIFORM. Teachers will help with sizes. Bridge to the Ridge participates have already paid White,Jennifer All PE 7/30/2018 $7.00
STRINGS - Hershey Trip  Belmont Ridge Middle School                         DB094-74 DB094-74 STRINGS - Hershey Trip May 24, 2019 - All day field trip to Hershey Park - Competition in the morning and park in the afternoon. Schear,David All NA 8/21/2018 $0.00
STRINGS - POLO SHIRT  Belmont Ridge Middle School                         DB094-53 DB094-53 STRINGS - POLO SHIRT Concert attire polo shirt Schear,David All NA NA $15.00
STRINGS - Technology Fee  Belmont Ridge Middle School                         DB094-44 DB094-44 STRINGS - Technology Fee For student use of Smart Music and Sight Reading Factory in Mr. Schear's string classes. ANNUAL FEE Schear,David All Strings 8/21/2018 $10.00
STRINGS - Upright Usage Fee  Belmont Ridge Middle School                         DB094-43 DB094-43 STRINGS - Upright Usage Fee for students taking Cello or Bass from Mr. Schear Schear,David All Strings 8/21/2018 $25.00
STRINGS INSTRUMENT RENTAL  Belmont Ridge Middle School                         DB094-45 DB094-45 STRINGS INSTRUMENT RENTAL Annual fee - ONLY for students who are renting a school string instrument for home use. "First come first served' basis. Schear,David All Strings 8/21/2018 $100.00
Technology Education  Belmont Ridge Middle School                         DB094-14 DB094-14 Technology Education Tech Ed - 8th grade lab fee. The fee pays for consumables used in class. Luca-Fields,Terry 8th Tech Ed - 8th grade 7/30/2018 $15.00
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