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Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
Alumni Transcript Fee DB090-118 DB090-118 Alumni Transcript Fee Attached is the transcript release form and a fee for each transcript sent is $5.00 Kelly,Catherine N/A NA 7/1/2018 $5.00
Behind The Wheel payment DB090-186 DB090-186 Behind The Wheel payment Students must have completed Classroom Driver's Ed and have a Safe Teen Driving Certificate along with a valid VA Learners Permit. Pick up BTW paperwork in the main office and submit with online payment receipt Simpson,Janice N/A NA NA $225.00
Gourmet Foods 1st semester DB090-133 DB090-133 Gourmet Foods 2nd semester Lab fee covering the cost of food used during class time Haas,Debra N/A NA NA $20.00
Gourmet Foods Class fees DB090-19 DB090-19 Gourmet Foods Class fees 2nd semester class fee for cooking Haas,Debra All NA 11/11/2016 $20.00
Gourmet Foods Fee DB090-114 DB090-114 Gourmet Foods Fee 1st semester 1st Semester fee for Gourmet Foods Class Haas,Debra All NA 10/23/2017 $20.00
Guitar Yale University Trip - DB090-194 DB090-194 Guitar Yale University Trip - Guitar students are going to Yale University from Feb. 14 - 16, 2020. The balance on the trip is due by Jan.30 for $225.00 Vigil,Kevin N/A NA NA $225.00
Heritage Blankets DB090-18 DB090-18 Heritage Blankets Heritage High School Throw blanket Simpson,Janice All NA 8/26/2016 $50.00
Intro to Interior Design DB090-115 DB090-115 Intro to Interior Design 1st semester class - supply fee Beth,deButts All NA 10/27/2017 $5.00
Materials and Processes DB090-91 DB090-91 Materials and Processes Class fee for all tech ed classes Gregory,Tim All NA 8/24/2017 $20.00
Membean Online DB090-164 DB090-164 Membean Online English classes Buckley,Melanie N/A NA NA $13.00
Membean Vocabulary DB090-188 DB090-188 Membean Vocabulary Membean vocabulary required for English classes per teacher Buckley,Melanie N/A NA NA $13.00
Parking Pass for Students - Second Semester DB090-75 DB090-75 Parking Pass for Students - Second Semester Student parking fee for second Semester. Payment does not guarantee student a parking pass. All school parking requirements and applications are to be met prior to school extending parking privileges to the student. Simpson,Janice All NA NA $100.00
Sadlier Oxford Vocabulary Books DB090-187 DB090-187 Sadlier Oxford Vocabulary Books Vocabulary books for all grades and levels in the English department required for class Buckley,Melanie N/A NA NA $13.00
Yearbook Sales DB090-127 DB090-127 Yearbook Sales 2019-20 yearbooks are now on sale. Landes,Maureen All NA 4/20/2018 $85.00
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