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Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
Alumni Transcript Fees DB020-44 DB020-44 Alumni Transcript Fees Fees from Alumni Students Vocke,Michelle All NA 11/29/2017 $5.00
Chorus -Participation Fees DB020-56 DB020-56 Chorus -Participation Fees Participation Fees Tarrant,Christine All NA 8/21/2018 $35.00
CTE FACS/Culinary Arts DB020-59 DB020-59 CTE FACS/Culinary Arts Student Lab Fees Dunham,Laurie N/A NA NA $40.00
FACS/Gourmet Class DB020-50 DB020-50 FACS/Gourmet Foods Student Lab Fees Dunham,Laurie N/A NA NA $20.00
National Honor Society DB020-53 DB020-53 National Honor Society National Honor Society - Student Club Dues Bass,Marina N/A NA NA $20.00
Parking Pass for Students - All Options DB020-41 DB020-41 Parking Pass for Students - All Options Student parking fees, all options. Payment does not guarantee student a parking pass. All school parking requirements and applications are to be met prior to school extending parking privileges to the student. Carl,Opauski All NA 8/4/2017 $200.00
Senior Dues DB020-1 DB020-1 Senior Dues - CLASS 2020 DUES FOR SENIOR CLASS 2020 James,Maria 12th NA 12/31/2015 $160.00
Tech ED DB020-51 DB020-51 Tech ED Student Lab Fees Craig,William N/A NA NA $20.00
Yearbook DB020-54 DB020-54 Yearbook Yearbook Only Kelley,Toni N/A NA NA $80.00
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