School Fees

School Fees
Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
Band fee DT050-20 DT050-20 Band fee Fee owed by all band students. Gideon,Ryan All NA 8/9/2017 $50.00
Band instrument fee DT050-21 DT050-21 Band instrument fee Fee owed by students who are using a school-owned instrument Gideon,Ryan All NA 8/9/2017 $75.00
Elective Fee DT050-10 DT050-10 Elective Fee Fee for elective classes. Mandatory fee. Woodrich,Erin All NA 8/9/2017 $10.00
PE uniform - All Options DT050-243 DT050-243 PE uniform - All Options All Options Woodrich,Erin N/A NA NA $25.00
School Fee DT050-1 DT050-1 School Fee $30 school fee for school year. Mandatory fee. Woodrich,Erin All NA 8/9/2017 $30.00
Technology Fee DT050-2 DT050-2 Technology Fee Technology Fee - $20. Mandatory for all students. Woodrich,Erin All NA 8/9/2017 $20.00
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