Albany Upper Elementary

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Amber Purvis/Class Fee DT039-11 DT039-11 Amber Purvis/Class Fee 2019/2020 Class Fee Purvis,Amber 4 NA 8/1/2019 $30.00
Cecilia Byrd/Class Fee DT039-9 DT039-9 Cecilia Byrd/Class Fee 2019/2020 Class Fee Byrd,Cecilia 3 NA 8/1/2019 $30.00
Crystal Catlin/class fee DT039-16 DT039-16 Crystal Catlin/class fee 2019/2020 Class Fee Catlin,Crystal 4 NA 8/1/2019 $30.00
Deanne Lopez/Class Fee DT039-15 DT039-15 Deanne Lopez/Class Fee 2019/2020 Class Fee Lopez,Deanne 4 NA 8/1/2019 $30.00
Karen Faust /Class Fee DT039-4 DT039-4 Karen Faust /Class Fee 2019/2020 Class Fee Faust,Karen 3 NA 8/1/2019 $30.00
Kelli Satterfield/class fee DT039-14 DT039-14 Kelli Satterfield/class fee 2019/2020 class fee Satterfield,Kelli 4 NA 8/1/2019 $30.00
Marlyn Davis/Class Fee DT039-17 DT039-17 Marlyn Davis/Class Fee 2019/2020 Class Fee Davis,Marlyn 4 NA 8/1/2019 $30.00
Michelle Stewart/Class fee DT039-12 DT039-12 Michelle Stewart/Class fee 2019/2020 Class Fee Stewart,Michelle 3 NA 8/1/2019 $30.00
Patricia Stewart/class fee DT039-8 DT039-8 Patricia Stewart/class fee 2019/2020 class fee Stewart,Patricia N/A NA 8/1/2019 $30.00
Rita Wortmann /Class Fee DT039-13 DT039-13 Rita Wortmann /Class Fee 2019/2020 Class Fee Wortmann,Rita 4 NA 8/1/2019 $30.00
Karleigh Severio Class Fee DT039-10 DT039-10 Shelli Hagan Class Fee 2019/2020 Class Fee Hagan,Shelli 3 NA 8/1/2019 $30.00
Spirit Shirt Account DT039-135 DT039-135 Spirit Shirt Account Spirit Shirt Account Reitz,Pat All NA 8/1/2019 $10.00
Sweatshirts DT039-153 DT039-153 Sweatshirts Sweatshirts Reitz,Pat N/A NA 9/15/2018 $15.00
Sweatshirts Adult XXLarge DT039-161 DT039-161 Sweatshirts Adult XXLarge adult xxl and xxx large sweatshirt Reitz,Pat N/A NA 9/14/2018 $20.00
Taylor Hendrix /Class Fee DT039-2 DT039-2 Taylor Hendrix /Class Fee 2019/2020 Class Fee Hendrix,Taylor N/A NA 8/1/2019 $30.00
Tracey Adams/Class Fee DT039-6 DT039-6 Tracey Adams/Class Fee 2019/2020 class fee Adams,Tracey N/A NA 8/1/2019 $30.00
Cross country Track and Field DT039-163 DT039-163 Track and Field/Cross Country Track and field/Cross Country dues 2019-20 Baronet,Angela N/A NA NA $40.00
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