Lewis Vincent Elementary

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5th grade field trip-Arceneaux DT033-493 DT033-493 5th grade field trip-Arceneaux 5th grade "Grinchmas" Party Arceneaux,Quinley N/A NA 12/19/2019 $13.00
5th grade field trip-Landry DT033-494 DT033-494 5th grade field trip-Landry 5th grade "Grinchmas" Party Landry,Robyn N/A NA 12/19/2019 $13.00
5th grade field trip-Pourciau DT033-495 DT033-495 5th grade field trip-Pourciau 5th grade "Grinchmas" Party Pourciau,Beckie N/A NA 12/19/2019 $13.00
5th grade field trip-Severio DT033-496 DT033-496 5th grade field trip-Severio 5th grade "Grinchmas" Party Severio,Karleigh N/A NA 12/19/2019 $13.00
Faculty Fund DT033-212 DT033-212 Faculty Fund Annual Dues Faculty Fund Marcotte,Meghan N/A NA 8/8/2019 $25.00
Faculty Fund-Paras DT033-329 DT033-329 Faculty Fund Annual Dues-Paras Faculty Fund Marcotte,Meghan N/A NA 8/12/2019 $15.00
Homework Helpers-1 student DT033-324 DT033-324 Homework Helpers-1 student Homework Helpers Smith,Karen All NA 8/15/2019 $15.00
Homework Helpers-2 students DT033-325 DT033-325 Homework Helpers-2 students Homework helpers Smith,Karen All NA 8/15/2019 $20.00
Homework Helpers-4 days a week DT033-326 DT033-326 Homework Helpers-4 days a week Homework Helpers Smith,Karen All NA 8/15/2019 $10.00
Pre-K Snack Fee- Deslatte DT033-435 DT033-435 Pre-K Snack Fee- Deslatte Snack Fee Deslatte,Kalynn N/A NA 8/15/2019 $25.00
Pre-K Snack Fee-Underwood DT033-436 DT033-436 Pre-K Snack Fee-Underwood Snack Fee Underwood,Patricia N/A NA 8/15/2019 $15.00
Red Barn-Parker DT033-229 DT033-229 Red Barn- Parker Red Barn Parker,Ally All NA 11/18/2019 $6.00
Red Barn-Girlinghouse DT033-245 DT033-245 Red Barn-Arceneaux Red Barn Arceneaux,Quinley All NA 11/18/2019 $6.00
Red Barn-Barr DT033-241 DT033-241 Red Barn-Barr Red Barn Barr,Nan All NA 11/18/2019 $6.00
Red Barn-Childers DT033-242 DT033-242 Red Barn-Childers Red Barn Childers,Katherine All NA 11/18/2019 $6.00
Red Barn-McClanahan DT033-234 DT033-234 Red Barn-Cook Red Barn McClanahan,Ashley All NA 11/18/2019 $6.00
Red Barn-Deslatte DT033-349 DT033-349 Red Barn-Deslatte Red Barn Deslatte,Kalynn All NA 11/18/2019 $6.00
Red Barn-L. Ellis DT033-231 DT033-231 Red Barn-L. Ellis Red Barn ellis,leslie All NA 11/18/2019 $6.00
Red Barn-Landry DT033-246 DT033-246 Red Barn-Landry Red Barn Landry,Robyn All NA 11/18/2019 $6.00
Red Barn-Leger DT033-228 DT033-228 Red Barn-Leger Red Barn Leger,Melanie All NA 11/7/2018 $6.00
Red Barn-Morse DT033-235 DT033-235 Red Barn-Morse Red Barn Morse,Jamye All NA 11/15/2019 $6.00
Red Barn-Nickens DT033-232 DT033-232 Red Barn-Nickens Red Barn Nickens,Casey All NA 11/18/2019 $6.00
Red Barn-Pourciau DT033-247 DT033-247 Red Barn-Pourciau Red Barn Pourciau,Beckie All NA 11/18/2019 $6.00
Red Barn-Quigley DT033-239 DT033-239 Red Barn-Quigley Red Barn Quigley,Donna All NA 11/18/2019 $6.00
Red Barn-Schwartz DT033-233 DT033-233 Red Barn-Schwartz Red Barn Schwartz,Tara All NA 11/15/2019 $6.00
Red Barn-Severio DT033-492 DT033-492 Red Barn-Severio Red Barn Severio,Karleigh All NA 11/18/2019 $6.00
Red Barn-Smith DT033-243 DT033-243 Red Barn-Smith Red Barn Smith,Karen All NA 11/18/2019 $6.00
Red Barn-T. Ellis DT033-238 DT033-238 Red Barn-T. Ellis Red Barn Ellis,Tiffini All NA 11/18/2019 $6.00
Red Barn-Tillman DT033-236 DT033-236 Red Barn-Tillman Red Barn Tillman,Carol All NA 11/18/2019 $6.00
Red Barn-Tullos DT033-230 DT033-230 Red Barn-Tullos Red Barn Tullos,Brandy All NA 11/18/2019 $6.00
Red Barn-Underwood DT033-350 DT033-350 Red Barn-Underwood Red Barn Underwood,Patricia All NA 11/18/2019 $6.00
Red Barn-Waguespack DT033-244 DT033-244 Red Barn-Waguespack Red Barn Waguespack,Chantel All NA 11/18/2019 $6.00
Smoothies DT033-475 DT033-475 Smoothies Smoothies for Tuesday Marcotte,Meghan All NA 9/16/2019 $3.00
Talented Art Fee DT033-206 DT033-206 Talented Art Fee Talented Art Fee Francisco,Donna All NA 8/16/2019 $20.00
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