Walker Freshman

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2018-2019 Student Council T-shirt  Walker Freshman DT025-116 DT025-116 2018-2019 Student Council T-shirt T-shirt for 2018-2019 Student Council members Coxe,Blair 9 NA NA $15.00
2018-2019 WFHS Yearbook  Walker Freshman DT025-32 DT025-32 2018-2019 WFHS Yearbook 2018-2019 WFHS yearbook Hegwood,Jo 9 NA 7/31/2018 $40.00
Art Club T-shirt DT025-95 DT025-95 Art Club T-shirt WFHS Art Club t-shirt. Can be worn on club days. Please put size in purchase notes. Frederick,Brittany 9 NA NA $15.00
Beta Club WFC Fundraiser  Walker Freshman DT025-93 DT025-93 Beta Club WFC Fundraiser World's Finest Chocolate Sales for Beta Club Schmidt,Rhiannon 9 NA 9/6/2018 $60.00
Choir Concert Polo Shirt  Walker Freshman DT025-54 DT025-54 Choir Concert Polo Shirt Choir Concert polo Elsey,Eddie N/A NA NA $25.00
Choir Fee  Walker Freshman DT025-51 DT025-51 Choir Fee Class fee for choir students Elsey,Eddie N/A NA 8/21/2018 $20.00
Choir T-Shirt  Walker Freshman DT025-61 DT025-61 Choir T-Shirt Choir t-shirt Elsey,Eddie N/A NA 8/22/2018 $10.00
Lost Textbooks  Walker Freshman DT025-VAR6 DT025-VAR6 Lost Textbooks Lost and damaged textbooks Watson,Amanda N/A NA NA $0.00
Mrs. White's Class Fee  Walker Freshman DT025-39 DT025-39 Mrs. White's Class Fee Class fee for Mrs. White's students White,Charlotte 9 NA 8/8/2018 $25.00
Past Student Fee Debt  Walker Freshman DT025-VAR7 DT025-VAR7 Past Student Fee Debt Past year student debt Comeaux,Jessica N/A NA NA $0.00
PE Uniform SHIRT- Coach Jones  Walker Freshman DT025-35 DT025-35 PE Uniform SHIRT- Coach Jones PE Uniform SHIRT only Jones,Hannah 9 NA 8/7/2018 $8.00
PE Uniform SHIRT-Coach Silk  Walker Freshman DT025-33 DT025-33 PE Uniform SHIRT-Coach Silk PE Uniform SHIRT only Silk,William 9 NA 8/7/2018 $8.00
PE Uniform SHORTS- Coach Jones  Walker Freshman DT025-36 DT025-36 PE Uniform SHORTS- Coach Jones PE Uniform SHORTS only Jones,Hannah 9 NA 8/7/2018 $10.00
PE Uniform SHORTS- Coach Silk  Walker Freshman DT025-34 DT025-34 PE Uniform SHORTS- Coach Silk PE Uniform SHORTS only Silk,William N/A NA 8/7/2018 $10.00
Replacement Student ID  Walker Freshman DT025-114 DT025-114 Replacement Student ID Replace lost or damaged student IDs Watson,Amanda 9 NA NA $3.00
Replacement Student Planner  Walker Freshman DT025-108 DT025-108 Replacement Student Planner Replacement student planner Comeaux,Jessica 9 NA NA $5.00
Student Fee 2018-2019  Walker Freshman DT025-31 DT025-31 Student Fee 2018-2019 WFHS student fee Davenport,Karen 9 NA 7/30/2018 $35.00
WFHS Faculty Fund  Walker Freshman DT025-VAR2 DT025-VAR2 WFHS Faculty Fund WFHS Faculty Fund Donation Davenport,Karen N/A NA 8/8/2018 $0.00
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